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@OH2TH @Ziqa fixed :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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Can Anyone do anything about the Server being being down at nights…I work nights and this is when I try to connect through the Controlmyspa app. Most of the time the App states: Cant access the server please try again later…Then I try the webpage and it is down also. The Controlmyspa app works fine but the connection to the server is down constantly at night. It seems when someone comes in in the morning they reset it and its working fine. Thanks

@marc_miller Not on this forum :wink:

This is the Forum for Homey. A smart home hub.
The thread you placed your message in is for the ControlMySpa integration for Homey.

Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do to fix that


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Hey There, doe anybody has the same issue as I have? Unfortunately there are suddenly a lot of the flows not available anymore.

I can’t controle the heating system and or temperature. This is my view: pictures
Hope there is a solution for it? (Homey pro 2018)

Did you try restarting the app? Sometimes when connection to the ControlMySpa cloud service is lost and reconnection fails, this might happen. Restarting the app might restore it to normal.

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Thnx, it worked. Had to restart all :ok_hand:

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Thanks Martin! Sounds like the module does allow the option of turning the heater off BUT it will force start it at a few occasions lile twise a day it seems.

Does the app control the module offline, ea. locally äon our network or does it need internet and an Balboa account ?

It seems to be quite confusing, seems to be two versions of the module. Do you have a link the the one you know works?

Some stores sell the module for ~250usd and at the same time something that looks like aapp/service for 370usd. I do not know if this is just a fault in their store and or if the app/service actually exist?


It needs internet as the Balboa API is in the cloud.

I can’t answer that question as I don’t own a spa myself. But i guess @OH2TH knows as he is my ControlMySpa expert :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

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There are two control modules for Balboa based Spas. ControlMySpa which is purely cloud based, no local API on the module. That is what this Homey App is for.

Then there is BWA Balboa Worldwide App, which I presume is an older version of Wifi control for Balboa based Spas. This one actually does have local API, and most likely the Balboa API you are referring to, is exactly that. Currently there is no Homey App for this module.

CMS has had its issues in their cloud service with stability, but lately it has performed quite well.

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Do you know how I can tell them apart when buying the wifi module?

Do you have any experience load balancing with the cloud based wifi module?

Best regards

The app for mobile is one difference, one is ControlMySpa and the other BWA / Balboa Worldwide App.

The ControlMySpa version that works with this Homey app, has two devices; one that is connected in the spa and one indoors that connects the spa unit to your network switch by ethernet cable.

BWA that is not for this Homey app, has only one unit that is connected to your spa and has builtin wifi to connect to your network.

I have had ControlMySpa for over a year of which first half there has been stability issues with the cloud service. Now it seems that Balboa has improved the CMS cloud service it is more stable.

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I have a Spa with the BWA module. Where can I order this ControlMySpa module en how can I replace it?

Can you help me?


You can buy them online and at bubbelkoing in the netherlands

Hi All,

I have installed the correct module. The CMS app is working correctly. However I am having some diffeculties with the trigger cards.

“Verwarrming status veranderd” trigger card never triggers
“CirculatiePomp status veranderd” trigger card never triggers

What is working is to poll these status every 10 minutes, I then see the status of the heater changing and the circulation pump.

One other wierd thing is that after a reboot I always get a trigger on the “verwarming modus veranderd”

Is there anything a can do to fix this?

@Sjoors please send a diagnostic report when this occurs


New app update (TEST: 1.9.6):


1: FIX: heatermode trigger flowcard
2: FIX: circulation pump trigger flowcard

If you find any issues, send a report via the mobile homey app

More - apps - ControlMySpa - settings wheel right top - send diagnostic report (put your email in the input field to make it easier)

@Sjoors made a fix which you can install : ControlMySpa | Homey