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@OH2TH yes it is. Plus theyre not following the standards :stuck_out_tongue:

But if this works its ok :smiley:

let me know if it changes

Hi Martijn,
De Balboa group heeft naast controle my spa nog een andere app. Namelijk Spa controle BWA.
Is het voor jou mogelijk de flows van controle my spa ook te maken voor Spa Controle?
Dan zou ik ook via tibber de spa kunnen laten bedienen.
Hoor graag wat van je

Hey @Roel_Van_Wijk
Sorry no😅
Its a different systems so not easy to integrate.
This question has been asked many times but this will not be part of this app

Ok thnx for your reply! i understand and bought a controlmyspa module
Great flow!

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@Roel_Van_Wijk Nice! :smiley:

I’m little bit confused, please do help me. Does ControleMySpa app work with the homey bridge and homey monthly €3,00 fee or do i NEED to buy the Homey pro?

@Roel_Van_Wijk ControlMySpa is a Homey Pro app only.

Unfortunately community apps are not allowed on the Homey Cloud service :confused:

O thnx again for your help!

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Hey all,

For those who use the other type of WiFi module for “BWA”, there is a python script to communicate with it, see link below.

Maybe this script could bring help to those who use the other type of WiFi module. :blush:


Hey Martijn! Balboa has 2 cloud solutions. The first is the one on this thread, CMS. The other one is BWA Spa Control. The solution is similar but is only requiring a Wifi module directly attached to the SPA and then connecting through your home wifi and internet to the cloud service. You can also chose connect directly to your SPA if you are connected to the wifi network where your SPA is connected. I’ve used the BWA cloud service for a year by now and it seems to be very stable. The service set through the app seem very similar to what’s in CMS. I’m also a dear user of Homey Pro, since 3 years, and would like to see my Balboa Spa to be integrated with my Homey cluster. I have been tempted to dig into a potential Homey app development myself but other priorities has always come in my way. Would you be interested to look into if there are synergies for you to develop a 2nd app towards a similar (same?) Balboa Cloud? Happy to share me login details and credentials of coarse, keep in touch! // Claes

Here is the URL to BWA: Balboa Water Group - bwa™ (Balboa Worldwide App)

Saw this now … have you used in a real integration with Homey?

Hey @Claes_Herlitz ,
Im aware of the BWA app. Unfortunately its not easy to integrate. The question has been asked before. The integration doesn’t use a standard API but is based on hash commands. Which is not my specalism.

I would suggest to check the Homey community app request topic. And request to create the app there. Homey Pro Community App Requests

OK … Thanks for super fast feedback!!! :+1::ok_hand:

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No unfortunately not. But I will definitely notify you if I manage.

Hello, Awesome app!

I have a problem when I set “temperature mode Low” it works but when I use “temperature mode High” the spa is still in Low mode. Does anyone know how to fix it?

The High/Low mode has been tricky to get working. It may actually go through to the spa, but the API at ControlMySpa is slow in showing the actual state. It may take a couple of update intervals to show correctly.

The spa is still on low mode, I have a flow that set it to high mode and then 39°C but it only goes up to 37°C

Did you try the Temperature range button from the device, if that works?

Tested on mine:

  • button toggle both low and high - works
  • flow card set temp range low - works
  • flow card set temp range high - doesn’t work

@martijnpoppen , something to check on the action flow card.

@OH2TH yes will check! :smiley:

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New app update (LIVE: 1.9.5):


1: FIX: heatermode flowcard

If you find any issues, send a report via the mobile homey app

More - apps - ControlMySpa - settings wheel right top - send diagnostic report (put your email in the input field to make it easier)