[APP] Fibaro - Your home is your castle (by Athom)

See link below, more is available when searching for “raw commands smart implant”.


I was hoping somebody could help me with an issue I’m having. Over a longer period of time my fibaro single and double switches, which are connected to lights, have been turning on randomly during the night without any flow triggered, since there are no flows connected to them. During logging of the z-wave network it happened again and it seems like my heatit z-water regulator might be triggering all these relays to turn on at the same time. I’m no expert on the matter so I was hoping for some assistance in explaining to me what is happening based on the log below? This is just a snip of the log but all the lights came on at 23.53.40. And if there is a fix to prevent this from happening?

Node 2 and 3 is my heatit z-water regulators and the nodes marked in yellow are fibaro single and double switches.

@Krisstenswe Considering you also had this issue, do you happen to have a z-water regulator as well? I see in the forums, several others have this issue with the z-water, but no fix to it.

I have contacted Athom for help as well.

All help appreciated!

I’ve also had a look at the parameters for the fibaro single and double switches and it seems like value 255 for parameter 31-33 and 36-38 will turn on all of the switches. Will changing the default value set at 255 for parameter 31 and 36 fix the issue maybe?

Fibaro Parameters 2
Fibaro Parameters 3

I had no Heatit modules installed when I had problems with some of my Single Switch. So Heatit can’t have caused my problems.

The devices that according to the log were turned on without reason one or more times per week, I excluded from Homey. I also performed a reset of the devices. They were then connected with mains power and a light as a test to see if it ever turns on.
AND they do! Even though the devices are excluded from Homey and reset, they turned on by themselves sometimes!
So it was either the devices themselves or some other device that’s ghosting. But it was NOT Homey anyway!

I have now replaced these “faulty” units and I no longer have any problems.

I have several other Fibaro Single/Double Switch controlled by Homey and I have no problems with those devices.

So my conclusion to my mystery is that I managed to get some “Monday copies” at some point along the way….


We have a small heater and pump connected to Fibaro dubble switch via two relays.
There is a flow controlling the heater based on the spot price. There are not physical switches connected.

The flow works fine but the switch turns off randomly. When I look in the log it says “Inactivaded” and “by Fibaro”. What does that mean?