[APP] Fibaro - Your home is your castle (by Athom)

There is nothing in the manual.

Thanks for the tip Joenoo! I checked it out immediately…but when I clicked “Install” I got this:

I haven’t seen that warning before: “This app can manage your entire Homey”. That doesn’t feel all that comfortable. :astonished: My Homey handles some sensitive stuff…well nothing really critical, but I’m not comfortable with an app that has access to everything.

If you check similar app doing something with other devices, you will see that’s the standard - it’s not possible to manage app permissions on more granual level.
On the other side, Athom is checking the code prior publishing it and will not really let pass through “dangerous” app.

If so, then there is easy workaround.

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If you have more questions about the PbtH App or according some workarounds, please continue in the topic of the PbtH App (Link) or create a new topic for workarounds.

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Hello, this might be an old question, but the last threads I could find are at least 2 years old, so a lot could have changed since then.

I am a long time Fibaro Home Center 2 user. Now I am thinking about upgrading to Home Center 3 or to switch to Homey Pro.

The problem is that I have lots of Fibaro devices - Heat Controller for radiators, Smoke Detector, sensors, switches, etc.

Would these work with Homey Pro? I read some problems with Heat Controller, then I saw some update to the Fibaro App that is supposed to fix it, then a later thread shows problems agains. What is your experience with it?

The main reason for upgrading is that I also have some Ikea Tradfri light panels and the integration with their hub or with Philips Hue hub is trash, so I wanted a native support with a Zigbee hub. I understand Home Center 3 is not ideal in terms of Zigbee support for such devices, but how does Homey Pro handle such scenario?

The second main reason is we are planning to move to a big house and I will need much bigger range and a newer Zwave chipset version with longer range and updated protocol might be handy. How is the Homey Pro range for you guys?

Thank you so much.


I have a Fibaro Sensor Z-wave plus directly connected with the homey Pro hub. (without any hub from fibaro).
Is it possible to turn the movement and sabotage alarm off? So when i go to sleep or go away i could make a flow to turn it on for a period of time?
I only could make a flow with (if) motion is detected and not when i leave the home the sensor becomes active.

You don’t need to switch of anything of the sensor, as the in the flow which reacts to the sensor, you can test if you are away, asleep etc… and decide what to do. With a presence card or or logic card.

WHEN motion detected
AND last person has left home
THEN sound alarm

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For supported devices, check Fibaro App for Homey | Homey

It depends which kind of problem, maybe some Heat Controller user can say then…

Again it depends which kind of problems you were facing, Homey is also not without any problems. Lights would be supported by official Athom app integration (check the same way like for Fibaro), for Philips you have options of Community developed direct integrations, or Hub integrations developed by Athom or Hub via Matter (someone may confirm my thoughts or deny)

I never had those issues personally, mostly also because ZWave is mesh network topology BUT there are some users complaining about Homey range. In general the antenna is weaker compared to FHC3, if I’m not mistaken (search for related thread on the forum). That discussion appeared once and those users seems never came back on this topic (let’s see if they are still here) It would depends on closest non battery ZWave devices, you will have in close range of Homey (in my case shortest distance is about 3m and don’t have any problems even with devices located 15m away thanks to the mesh but also some devices shows direct connection on much bigger distance in my case. So it’s all about your topology, mostly from day 1.

Does someone know if it’s possible to link some FIbaro smoke Z-WAVE plus detectors to each other? I see in the smoke detector settings, that there are some settings for grouping associations, but i don’t know what this is or how to set it up. I use the homey pro hub.

Fibaro Wall Plug is off according to the icon in the Homey App, but also according to the power usage shown in Homey insights (see picture attached). Even the lighted circle on the plug itself is off.
Still the equipment plugged into it is getting power.
Is this a ‘known feature’, am I doing something wrong or is it broken? Any ideas

The behavior of the LED ring can generally be configured via the advanced settings or via flow, but I guess it follows the condition state of the Plug (so on the hardware side), if it’s switched on or off. That’s why I suspect that the plug is broken.
But it’s just a quick thought.


It is definitely a strange behavior that the plug is shown as switched off in the Homey, but the connected device is still supplied with power.
Can you reproduce the behavior?
Does this problem also occur with other Fibaro wall plugs?
What happens if you switch the plug on and off several times with the B button? Is the connected device really switched on and off? Does the status change accordingly in the Homey app?

Any idea when support for Roller Shutter 4 will arrive?

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As already answered in your previous (thread) post, it has been added in the test app since 29th of may, so about 2 weeks ago.

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Yesterday my second Fibaro roller shutter 3 failed. Somehow it was not reachable anymore (before that it did not work all the time). So I tried cutting the power off and resetting it, but i wont reconnect anymore. After that I removed it form the wall socket and tried to connect it next to Homey, but no luck.

This is now the second one. The previous one i replaced with a new one and no problems till now (1 year ago).

Does anyone has the same issues? The controllers are to expensive to replace after 2 years, but maybe something else is the issue.

There are already several reports of suddenly dead RS3s. Have you noticed if the LED is flashing blue?

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Do you see the same behavior of LED (see the video).
I still don’t know if those units are faulty or not but I don’t think so - those units that died has been manufactured in the time span of 4 years.

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No i did not got a blue light. I can go to the menu with the B button and reset the device. Everytime I try to connect it to Homey it ends with an red light even when I am like 10 cm away. A dead Z-Wave chip sounds very possible. It a shame for such an expensive device.

In that case I don’t think your Fibaro device is dead…I would suggest to contact support