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Let me quote here relevant post :

Just this doesn’t seems to be right - when Z-Stick is added as secondary controller, you can do OTA firmware updates and the current devices should remain untouched… just testing :laughing:

Update is done via PC Contoller SW - below screen when updating Request firmware update for Home Energy Meter Gen5 : Aeotec Help Desk

Seems that even some additional troubleshooting can be performed with this software…
…node 140 is Aeotec ZWave repeater, the visualization is quite nice…

You can even test signal between nodes… and many many other things.

A pity Fibaro can’t be updated via this tool (unless firmware files will be available)

update unfortunately I was not able to make the firmware update for my Home Energy Meter Gen5 while included in the Homey network, even I replicated S0 keys to the PC Controller (communication was fine but the OTA never started) but I must appreciate again Aeotec and Chris, who was providing support and assistance again in fantastic way - I really did not expect to have feedback 5 min after I send out the question.

The quotes you have chosen and your comment are confusing and taken out of context. Did you see that I pointed out that it’s possible to do an OTA firmware update with an Aeotec Gen 5 (+) Z-Wave USB stick?
The first time I pointed this out was already in March of this year, but only in the German-language forum section (link).

Now your comment is confusing and taken out of context… what is your problem ?

This is what you wrote :
Homey has no built-in function to update the firmware of Z-Wave devices (at the moment). However, Aeotec has found a way to update the firmware of Z-Wave devices with “open” firmware without having to exclude, update and re-include the devices. The problem with this would be that all flows and settings would have to be readjusted.

This statement refers to the fact that if you had to exclude, update and re-include the devices, which you don’t have to do with the Aeotec method, all flows and settings would have to be repaired.

OKay, I just checked that quickly and posted it here, so your useful comment will be read by those interested on Aotec specific case. Anyway, it was good stuff, just don’t get your reaction.

I reacted to this because you wrote that what I wrote wasn’t true.
But that wasn’t my statement or intention regarding the Aeotec method. As already written, the sentence that flows and settings of devices has to be repaired, referred to when you have to exclude, update and re-include the devices, what isn’t the case if you use the Aeotec method.
Maybe my sentence is misleading because my mother language is not English, but it could have been understood from the context.

Cheers :beers:

Anyone use the multipurpose sensor 6? Battery (im6001) it seems I’m only able to detect temperature and contact with the sensor on the app. It doesn’t show anything related to vibration.

I guess you mean acceleration. Acc. to the flow cards in the App Store, it seems that this function isn’t supported yet. So please contact Aeotec support.

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Are there any plans to support the SmartThings buttons? I have recently moved from SmartThings to Homey and have 3 buttons that I would like to use, but couldn’t find a suitable app to connect them.

Best is to contact Aeotec directly, there are very supportive.

Regarding the button, I contacted Aeotech (via email) and they wrote back with the following:

“Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to integrate this device.”

Which is unfortunate :frowning: