Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7

Dear Community:

Is it possible to add an Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7 with full functionality on Homey? I am only able to add it as a general z-wave device with any useful functionality. Thanks in advance for your help

This sensor has been fully supported using Aeotec app version 2.0.33 or greater.
Perhaps it is added as a generic z-wave device because a missing device Id. Usually Athom does not always adds all the device Id’s from all the countries z-wave various frequencies. What country you from? If you can post a screenshot of the device Id? You find this in the phone app under the Aeotec Door Sensor, Advanced Settings.

Hi DanOne:
I’m using Aeotec version 2.0.36 and my Homey version is 2.5.2. I’ve attached the screenshot with the device ID as you ask. I’ve live on Sydney, Down Under and I purchased this Aeotec sensor in Australia. I have purchased other Z-Wave devices from the same web store and they work fine.

Thanks form your reply.



Hey mate, I am from Melbourne. Most likely the AUS/NZ product Id is missing then. I don’t own such sensor to test it but I can look into the app and let you know if the product Id is missing for sure or not. That’s if you can let me know the product Id.
You haven’t posted the screenshot BTY… , try again.

Hi mate: what about now? Thanks mate

It looks like the Product Type Id is not included. See below.
Yours is 514.
Although the Product Id is correct…

Either you open a support ticket with Athom (recommended!!) and if you have no patience and if you feel brave enough then you can side load the Aeotec app after you add the Product Type Id 514.
To side load the app here you find instructions: [HOW TO] CLI install method

Thanks mate! I raised a support ticket as you recommend. I will check the other option on this long weekend. Thanks again mate.