Android Homey App crash with Devices


I have an Samsung Android Phone and the app keeps crashing when pressing the Device button, everything else works fine like Home & flow, I have tried to re-install the app and clear cache but gives the same result, app Crash.

On my wife here phone Oppo Android it is giving the same result, app crash when u press the devices button.

When i log into the web interface on my computer all is working fine.

Could somebody have any idea about an fix, Ididn’t see any related topic so i guess this is an local problem.

It’s not, a Dutch user in this thread has exactly the same issues.

You should contact Athom: Support | Homey

Thanks Robert,

Case created with Athom

It seems like there might be a compatibility issue with the app on Samsung and Oppo devices. Consider contacting the app developer’s support team for assistance. They can provide guidance or release updates to resolve the crashing issue on your specific devices.