My Homey Android App crashes each time I press the add device (+)


I am new to Homey. I went through the installation without problems. I am using Android app and web app on Chrome. I have installed some apps and after only a day of usage I got problem with Android app. The starts well, and shows the devices that I have added. When I press the (+) sign to add new device the screen turns white and the Homey app freezes. Few times it crashed and I send an crash report via Android. The app version is 6.9.3.

Everything else is working fine, eg. Flows. The Chrome/web app works fine as well.

I restarted the phone, reinstalled the app and restored the cache and deleted app data, and nothing helped.

Any ideas? I appreciate any help.

R Noel

Cloud or Pro Homey?
Please notify Athom too (
You could consider installing the bèta phone app and try again

Somewhere you can “Apply for bèta tester”, and after a while, the bèta version becomes available.
You can go back to the normal release if wanted/needed

Thanks for your reply.
I am using Homey Pro. I will send to Athom as well. How could the beta app help me?


YW. The bèta app comes with fixes and improvements (besides new stuff), so it just could be possible your issue doesn’t occur using the bèta.
It’s worth a try imho, besides the things you alr tried. I really don’t know what else you can try, besides using an other phone temporary and see how that goes.

I have had problems with adding devices. Are you sure that it is the app crashing or is it the connection to your Homey?

Thank you for commenting.
Everything else works fine with the Android app including the flows, devices and settings and I can install apps. Only when I press the add device the screen turns white for a while and the app crashes.

Why that would be a communication problem with Homey? Do you think restarting Homey? How could you solve the problem you had?


Restarting Homey is always worth a go, restart from the app. Failing that move on to a PTP, Pull The Plug, disconnect Homeys power and leave for at least 15 minutes, then plug in and leave for at least 15 minute again. Make sure all your devices are found before trying to add again. Homey say that the supplied power supply is adequate for most use cases but changing the power supply is the first thing they tell you to do when problems arise .Mine currently has 3A available

To rule out a problem with Homey itself, try adding a new device from the web app (

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Thanks for all the replies

It is possible to add device from the web app, that’s what I stated early in the thread. Unfortunately the web app is still under construction and you cannot do all the stuff from there.

I think it is worth to restart homey, despite my feeling is that the problem is within the app itself.



I restarted Homey from the app and it helped. The android app does not crash anymore when I add new device :grinning:

Thanks for all suggestions