New Android beta app v6.9.0 crashes

Never update the new beta Android app!
Crashes immediately after opening.
Had to log out of the beta program to get a working app again.

Confirmed. See #homey ch on Slack.
The App does run however, it just sended me notifications:

New app already available:

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The new testflight ios app had the same crash on startup.
Now the new version 6.9.0. (807) works but now it crashes again when you select a zone(room) in the devices tab.

No problems at all with the iOS version
With the old version I had one crash with my iPad in sum. With my iPhone I had no problems.
Sometime a restart of the device helps.

Confirmed. New Android app version works

Still after a restart the IOS 6.9.0 (807) on my iphone 12 pro crashes when i select a room.
Just also tried on my old iphone 6s, same problem.

Confirmed also
Thanks to the Athom devs 4 the quick fix.
So, we now have additional icons amongst internal fixes.:ok_hand:

Please contact Athom (

After a reboot this morning its working again.:+1:

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