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Spotify crash

Since Spotify updated to version 3.2.0 it keeps crashing. Only if I delete all my Spotify devices it doesn’t crash. But as soon as I add another device it crashes again. Rebooting Homey, restarting the app or installing the non-beta 1.0.6 version all where to no avail. My Homey is on version 1.5.13. Do more people have this issue?

The Spotify app is created by Athom, who don’t track this forum.

You can post an issue here: https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

yep same here.

And the same here.
Spotify is crashing all the time, Beta and normal.
It used to work with my Heos speakers…

I sent the issue to Athom. Let’s hope it will soon be fixed :).

I did the same :slight_smile:

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Me to, sent the issue to Athom on the 7th of december. Received multiple replies and told me it should be fixed with releasing the next Spotify version.

It’s the 20th right now and still no update. Really hope it gets fixed soon! Used to work like a charme

I just received an update per mail. The Beta version (4.0.6) of the app should fix this problem. Unfortunately, this update only works with the v2.0 firmware of Homey :(. So I’ll guess we’ll have to wait for v2.0 to be stable or use the experimental channel.