Afval Herinnering 2.0 - Vandaag of morgen?

Werkt weer!

My homey is with this app on version. 3.1.14 but I don’t get any messages, while the app on my cellphone does. The settings are correct. The finds my address in the available databases.
Do others experience this too?

I have updated the app, don’t know why, I did it, but now my adress isn’t supported anymore.
With version 3.1.5 it was working good.
3.1.13 and 3.1.14 both aren’t working.

No issues here with v3.1.14, but I’m on v7.3.0 firmware

Oh yeah, totally forgot to mention this. I’m on version 7.4.1. No matter what I do, the trigger to see when something will happen, does not do a thing.

I am on 7.3.0 and the app is 3.1.14.
Adress unknown.
Already asked on Github.

Since today I noticed that the ‘And’ card does not work anymore… It always returns false, in standard and in advanced flows. Even though tomorrow my GFT is collected. This is displayed in the string which is available in the tag however.

Wat ik mij afvraag zou je evt een motion sensor voor de bakken kunnen plaatsen en dan iets kunnen bouwen dat zegt: If bak is already moved… en dan dat beide bakken (grijze/ groene) van elkaar gescheiden worden of is dit heel complex?


Hi, i am using this app with a lot of pleasure, but since the new year new dates are not fetched from afvalapp. I only see dates of past year. Restarted en did settings again several times but is doesn’t update the dates. I have set them now manual.

@Martijn_Hoogenbosch great app, much appreciated!

The same here.