[APP][Pro][Cloud] P2000 for Homey (Dutch 112 (911) alerts


P2000 for Homey

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This app gives Homey the ability to respond to messages of the Dutch P2000 network.
Keep in mind that all messages sent on this network are in Dutch.

Currently has support for:

  • :speech_balloon: Realtime notifications with a short and/or long messages
  • :speech_balloon: Tokens: Message (long notification), P2000 (short message), Category, Service, Town, Street, Province, Prio, Region
  • :mag_right: Search abilities with condition cards (capcode, province, town, region, street, service, Prio type, category More filtering by adding more devices or using the conditions cards
  • :world_map: Image tag of incident location and with not using Google maps api key, you will get a specific service-related banner

Download in the Homey App Store!

:gear: To use this app, you need to create a new device and create a flow. For using Image tag of incident location, please create a Google Maps Static Apikey and place it in the device settings. Reboot the app after saving or deleting the api key to activate the change.

:speech_balloon: Supported languages:
:us: :netherlands: :poland:

Social media P2000 - Homey app


Monitor P2000

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The progress of incidents can be followed via
More - apps - P2000 - settings wheel top right - Monitor

This is also where we will keep you updated on any status of the incidents, or see our status status page status page.

:rotating_light: Disclaimer :rotating_light:

This app is provided on a best-effort basis, and no rights can be derived from its use. Data made possible by p2000.page

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Flow examples

Example 1: I use for charing on various social media channels. See outcome of the flow on social media: Mastodon, Facebook page and Telegram

Example 2: Is for private use.

Outcome P2000 message without the use of the Google Maps Static Api Key. Will show you services related banners

Example 3: Outcome P2000 message with use of the Google Maps Static Api Key.


installed! am curious the app alarmingdroid often missed a notification lately

Just let me know if you see any problems. I will push an update with a lower timeout. The notifications wil come almost in realtime now.


New app update (test: 1.0.8 ):

  • Change: Shorter timeout function
  • Fix: Realtime notifications
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small donation left thanks so far

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Thanks! Much appreciated

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I sett the capcodes but it looks he doesnt make tags… i cant find them. I tried a capcode who is going regarly but that doesnt make any difference

Entering a capcode will not create a tag, it does look at your capcode preference when receiving a message and only these messages will be forwarded to you. Text, rawtext and service are the only tags you can choose.

Thanx, waited for a alarm an then i was able to use the tags. They were there under the name ‘‘this flow’’. But when i want to start a new flow i cant make one with the tags without actually have a alarm? because the tags arent there?

True. The app has only 1 trigger card “When a new message is received”. In the app settings you determine the filter what you want to receive and in a “then card” like push messages you can use tags in the text area.

New app update (test: 1.0.9 ):

  • Fix: Bug fix feed!

@Berjan_Rood , @Seinuh , @Robin_De_Lange please update the app to version test: 1.0.9 The feed was broken.


Hi! I am getting notifications in other cities than I configured in the settings menu. Am I doing something wrong there?

i expect with the current storm “poly” to receive the first trigger today

Do you have a screenshot of your settings?

I’m sure that should work out. Here the fire department reports are already coming in.

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Hi @LRvdLinden, thanks for the quick reply. PLs find the screenshot here:

Wich app version you use and with wrong city do you get?

Version 1.0.5, I got alerts from Amsterdam and Haarlem earlier today.

Please update to version 1.0.9 and after that reboot the app. Let me know when something is wrong after that.