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KNMI for Homey

This app gives Homey the ability to respond to messages of the Dutch KNMI weather channel.
Keep in mind that all messages sent on this network are in Dutch.

Currently has support for:

  • :speech_balloon: Realtime notifications
  • :speech_balloon: Send short and long messages or have Google broadcast the notification
  • :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: Realtime weather alerts (don’t forget to created a flow)
  • :rice_scene: Image Tags with the weather codes

Download in the Homey App Store!
:gear: To use this app, you need to get a free api-key via app settings and after that add a new device and start creating fows.

:speech_balloon: Supported languages:

  • :us: English
  • :netherlands: Dutch

:rice_scene: Example Image Tag

:rice_scene: Camera capability

Social media KNMI - Homey app


:rotating_light: Disclaimer :rotating_light:

This app is a labor of love, provided on a best-effort basis. No rights can be derived from its use. Data made possible by weerlive.nl


Monitor KNMI

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The progress of incidents can be followed via
More - apps - KNMI - settings wheel top right - Monitor

This is also where we will keep you updated on any status of the incidents, or see our status status page status page.

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Hi, the reverse card (omkeren) does not work / not update the translations.

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Fixt in laters version!

I still see double “is”
Schermafbeelding 2023-08-23 om 09.19.06

fixed in version 1.1.1

Thanks, is it also possible to create some tags? That i can use on my SMPL display
For example current code, or for each province?

I tried to get this working, but I get error message. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Testing this way won’t be it anyway as there is no data. Trigger card is triggered by KNMI and then the data only enters the flow. So a start button doesn’t work.

So this app will only trigger when KNMI changes the colorstatus? You can’t use it to get the current status?

Thats correct.

This morning the code changed to yellow, but it didn’t;t trigger my flow. I removed the start button, but shouldn’t it have worked triggerd by the “nieuwe weerwaarschwuing” card?

Hi @Norbert Can you once replace the condition map for a variable with title contains yellow? Here you can see what the app sends out :point_right:t2: KNMI (weerwaarschuwingen) (@knmi@mastodon.social) - Mastodon

Also I found nothing on my timeline for yellow and back to green.

When I try to make a quick test with all colour codes the tag “all weather codes” gives “invalid argument”.

Now testing with separate new cards for the 4 colours.

Can you send me a report?

When I try to do that I get the message that the app was not working.
After a restart the problem was resolved.

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So it works again?

No, there are other problems, come back here later

Sending a report gives that app is not working.
Also direct after a restart.
Now I have to uninstall the app.

New installed and still I can send en report because app is not working.

There 2 cards with the new app in a part of my old flows.

The error is still there.

I’m not sure what you want me to replace. Can you help me?
Also if i check what is send out in Mastodon, than me “de weercode is groen” should be triggert every hour. But for me is has never triggert since I installed it last week. Image is how my flow looks now.

See DM

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Just send you a DM