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Introducing the RDW app for Homey.

Connect your Homey with the RDW and gain instant access to crucial information about Dutch vehicles through license plate lookup.

Receive handy notifications, like reminders for the general periodic inspection (APK), all seamlessly integrated into your Homey flows.


If you’re interested in learning more about the app, we’ve provided a few links below to help you get started:

Supported languages

We currently support the following languages:

  • English
  • Dutch

If you have any feedback regarding translations, please let me know by posting in this topic or by creating an issue on Github


If you have any feedback or issues, please feel free to post them in this topic or create an issue on Github. I appreciate your help in making the app better!

You have to fill in the license plate number without center line, otherwise it doesn’t work.

Thank you for your feedback @Jacques_Derks.

This is an initial version, I’ll try and get around to adding some validation and error handling when adding a licenseplate/vehicle.

Want more data?

The RDW app uses this API endpoint as a source for its data.


Which returns the following data:

  "kenteken": "PK015L",
  "voertuigsoort": "Personenauto",
  "merk": "AUDI",
  "handelsbenaming": "RS 3 SPORTBACK",
  "vervaldatum_apk": "20250830",
  "datum_tenaamstelling": "20181003",
  "bruto_bpm": "24865",
  "inrichting": "hatchback",
  "aantal_zitplaatsen": "5",
  "eerste_kleur": "GRIJS",
  "tweede_kleur": "Niet geregistreerd",
  "aantal_cilinders": "5",
  "cilinderinhoud": "2480",
  "massa_ledig_voertuig": "1485",
  "toegestane_maximum_massa_voertuig": "2010",
  "massa_rijklaar": "1585",
  "datum_eerste_toelating": "20170727",
  "datum_eerste_tenaamstelling_in_nederland": "20170727",
  "wacht_op_keuren": "Geen verstrekking in Open Data",
  "catalogusprijs": "94983",
  "wam_verzekerd": "Ja",
  "aantal_deuren": "4",
  "aantal_wielen": "4",
  "afstand_hart_koppeling_tot_achterzijde_voertuig": "0",
  "afstand_voorzijde_voertuig_tot_hart_koppeling": "0",
  "lengte": "434",
  "breedte": "180",
  "europese_voertuigcategorie": "M1",
  "plaats_chassisnummer": "in motorruimte r.",
  "technische_max_massa_voertuig": "2010",
  "type": "8V",
  "typegoedkeuringsnummer": "e1*2007/46*0608*04",
  "variant": "SDAZAQ1",
  "uitvoering": "QD7QD7BH006P8V047MMEM1",
  "volgnummer_wijziging_eu_typegoedkeuring": "0",
  "vermogen_massarijklaar": "0.19",
  "wielbasis": "263",
  "export_indicator": "Nee",
  "openstaande_terugroepactie_indicator": "Nee",
  "taxi_indicator": "Nee",
  "maximum_massa_samenstelling": "0",
  "aantal_rolstoelplaatsen": "0",
  "maximum_ondersteunende_snelheid": "0.00",
  "jaar_laatste_registratie_tellerstand": "2023",
  "tellerstandoordeel": "Logisch",
  "code_toelichting_tellerstandoordeel": "00",
  "tenaamstellen_mogelijk": "Ja",
  "vervaldatum_apk_dt": "2025-08-30T00:00:00.000",
  "datum_tenaamstelling_dt": "2018-10-03T00:00:00.000",
  "datum_eerste_toelating_dt": "2017-07-27T00:00:00.000",
  "datum_eerste_tenaamstelling_in_nederland_dt": "2017-07-27T00:00:00.000",
  "hoogte_voertuig": "140",
  "zuinigheidsclassificatie": "G",
  "api_gekentekende_voertuigen_assen": "https://opendata.rdw.nl/resource/3huj-srit.json",
  "api_gekentekende_voertuigen_brandstof": "https://opendata.rdw.nl/resource/8ys7-d773.json",
  "api_gekentekende_voertuigen_carrosserie": "https://opendata.rdw.nl/resource/vezc-m2t6.json",
  "api_gekentekende_voertuigen_carrosserie_specifiek": "https://opendata.rdw.nl/resource/jhie-znh9.json",
  "api_gekentekende_voertuigen_voertuigklasse": "https://opendata.rdw.nl/resource/kmfi-hrps.json"

If you see anything interesting here that you’d like in the app, let me know.

A check for if there is any open recall operation (openstaande_terugroepactie_indicator) was already mentioned and will be added in the next update.

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Latest test version adds a new capability, new flow triggers and flow conditions.

New capability:

  • Open recall (“Ja”/“Nee”)

New flow triggers

  • The APK expiry date has changed
  • There is a recall

New flow condition:

  • Has open recall

I’ve identified an error regarding the flow card “The APK expiry date has changed”. I’ll need to further investigate the issue and will post any updates here.