[APP][PRO] License Plate Recognition for Homey


License plate recognition for Homey

Use snapshots from a camera connected to Homey, and let Platerecognizer do AI based licence plate recognition. For every plate the app detects, a flow will be triggered. The app will also provide vehicle type and region.


Use cases

  • Presence detection

  • Security

  • Open garage door

  • Fun


The Homey app uses a cloud based license plate recognition service called Platerecognizer. Using the Platerecognizer service has privacy implications. Use at own risk. Read and understand your local privacy legislation, and the terms of use from Platerecognizer.


The free Platerecognizer service allows you to upload 2500 images per month. The plate detection usually is ready within 1 to 3 seconds from uploading an image (via an action flowcard).

Test image

To make testing your flow easier, a test image is available as global image token. It has license plates of two cars and a motor cycle.




This app is off course a spin-off of the very successful Face++ app for Face Recognition.


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can’t wait for this app to be released…

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If you can’t wait: CLI install from Github https://github.com/gruijter/com.gruijter.anpr


Works beautifully! Won`t last long though, 2500 free api searches a month.

Flow setup (in case mye wifes lover comes by without my knowledge)

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:joy: that is over 80 plate searches per day. Do you live on the highway?


My wife has a lot of traffic…

Any idea how to limit image uploads? Each one counts as one search, plate detection or not…

I guess it depends where your camera is looking at. I have a foscam camera pointed at my own driveway, and I configured the motion detection to not trigger on passing traffic (that would not be allowed anyway :wink:). So 80 snapshots per day is enough for me, but I agree it is limited.

Now I just need to learn to drive backwards when entering my driveway with my motorcycle :rofl:

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Made 3 api-accounts instead, that gives us 7500! API supports statistics also, possible to implement in app?


When: Searches exceeds 2000
and: …
Then: Send a notification/change API

And if you could change api if the limit is reached based on flow that would be marvellous

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Yes, is on my roadmap list. But first Athom needs to release it in the appstore before I start adding new stuff. :soon:

Let’s hope the service actually allows this kind of abuse.

Abuse? One for myself, one for my wife, and one for my 1 year old daughter.

Actually, I just wrestled myself again through the terms of use, and I didn’t find anything on this subject. So it seems allowed. But I’m not a lawyer, so I might misread. And they have the right to change their terms whenever they like.

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I use Sighthound for more than a year now to detect people, cars (including) licenseplates.

It’s a mixture of PHP and Homey flows. Would be great to have this in a app, fully on Homey. Like Face++!!

5000 calls a month. Throttled to 50 per 15minutes.
Maybe a good alternative?


Nice. Will take a look at it!

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The app is now available in the Homey app store :sun_with_face:


It was much more work than anticipated, but it works now. Especially for you @Tangodelta :wink:


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