Adding aeotec siren 6 to homey

Hi these,
I have problem with installing an aeotec siren 6 to my homey. Homey is running the latest firmware and the aeotec app is installed (also latest version).
When I want to add the device (siren6) I can find and choose to install siren 6 via the installed aeotec app. I see a picture of the siren 6 (witch is similar to siren). As asked I have to push 6 times on the action button (siren) to connect the siren to homey. It connects but the device is not detected as siren 6 and homey installs it as a simple zwave device. It seems like homey can’t detect that this device is a siren 6.
Does anyone have a solution for adding the siren 6 as a aetoec siren6 instead of a simple zwave device?
Regards, ferhat

Hi, welcome to our community.
Yes the Aeotec Siren 6 is supported by the app. It could well be that your siren has a different Product Id (determined by the specific region z-wave frequency) and that Id might not be included into the app.

Can you give us some more info?

  • Homey firmware version
  • Aeotec app version you have installed.
  • and most important, a screenshot from your product Id, for this after including the siren, hold on the icon tile of the generic device, click on the cog wheel and advanced settings.
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Had the same problem, u actually just press once the first time, then a new screen, then press once again! Then the siren will add itself, keep it alive by pressing every 2 sec until paired!

I has also trouble adding siren 6. it is added as usual z wave unit.
someone who has come up with how to do it

yes, look at post on top, I have successfully added the siren.

Homey version 3.2.0
Aeotec version 2.1.1

Yes, it looks like your siren Product Id is 162 which is different than what’s in the Aeotec app (164, see screenshot below)
Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 7.17.29 pm

You can either make a request as per the welcome post HERE , it might take Athom a while to release a new version of the Aeotec app, or if you have no patience, you can add the product Id yourself (download the Aeotec app Github HERE, with a text editor open the file called “driver.compose.json” it is under the folders drivers/ZW164-C and just add 164 after 162 with a comma in between) and side load the app yourself into Homey, instructions HERE.

Hope this helps, good luck.

I also have a siren 6 added to homey.
How to change the volume? According to the is instructions there is a volume control and a lot of other sounds.

I would like to use it a a warning beep (not loud) when my alarm is in the delay phase of arming.

hey i have the same problem as Ferhad, can’t add siren 6 to homey and also have the same product id 162.
it seems that it is quite common to have a siren with product id 162 so I wonder if it is not possible to fix to the app.
It’s a pretty expensive thing to just have lying in a box.
thanks for the help

Hi Danone,
I managed to side load the app to Homey (after changing “driver.compose.json”). Now I am able to add the siren to Homey as Siren 6 (via Aeotec app).
It looks like I am missing settings. I can turn the siren on and off, i can get a trigger is the sabotage alarm goes on and under advanced setting i only can choose 8 different sounds
Aeotec website tells me:

  • that there are 15 different sounds
  • the siren can function as a extra speaker for other devices
  • sound can be configured between 80 and 105 Db
    It looks like these setting are not available, anyone an idea about changing the setting? Espaccially configuring the volume would be great as i am planning to use the siren also as a doorbell.
    homey 3.2.0
    aeotec app v2.1.1

    anyone an idea how to manage these setting?

Maybe the siren 6 ID is 164 and the Doorbell 6 (which basically is a siren 6 with a doorbell button) has ID 162.
I bought the doorbell 6 (siren 6 and button).

First of all, well done for managing to side load the app!
About the missing features, I would definitely send a request to Athom as per the opening post. The Aeotec app is managed by Athom.

Maybe @Ferhat is right, although reading on the Aeotec’s website, I get it that siren and doorbell is the same piece of hardware.

Maybe I am wrong…

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I think you’re right. See the ref in a french store:

And the button to add to the siren:

But i’ve just read that the sound power can’t be changed, the device is always at max power, as a siren should yell… If somebody can confirm that point please?

is your Aeotec siren 6 working as it should do?
So has Homey also added;

Volume controle?
Sound selection?

is the volume setting solved in the Athom Aeotec app? I consider buying a Siren 6 but want to be sure all works fine. I have to many products in a box that are not working 100%

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No volume setting

and sound selections? And use of the 15 diffrent sounds?

Any news ?
The volume selection and soud selection are always down with homey ?

I returned the item and bought another one

Which one?
I’m also interested to change volume and sound in Siren 6. Looks like it was mistake to buy it.

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