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Aeotec Z-Wave devices, Homey FW 7.0.0 and S2!

Some Aeotec Z-Wave devices don’t work with FW 7 and S2 security. Devices I know from are NanoMote Quad, Siren 6, Doorbell 6 and WallMote Quad.
Aeotec knows about these problems and will probably update the app.


Thank you very much for this, it confirms the reason why my Aeotec Indoor siren is useless since the automatic update to the release V7 happened last night. I try to reinstall everything, no way to get it work indeed.
I guess the only option is to have this update from Aeotec that you are mentioning but any insight about the delay ?

It isn’t an app issue, it was a change in the core that accidentally happend and will most likely be fixed in the next Homey update.
It should end up on your Homey pretty shortly. (No insights of when exactly)

If your device wasn’t reincluded on v7 no issues should be there, it is only when the device is included under S2 security mode.
If you didn’t reinclude it (and it is still unsecure or S0 secure) and did have errors then your issue is somewhere else.

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Thanks, we will wait then. Lessons learned for those using Homey security (Heimdal) would be not to setup homey with the automatic update. In case you are away the system could become ineffective otherwise.

I could confirm the siren was not working anymore after the V7 upgrade. Reason why I attempted step by step retrying the siren after each step
1-to restart The Aeotec App,
2-to reboot homey and
3- to re-install the Indoor siren
No sound produced anymore but not error is being generated for all the attempts I have made
I am stuck with the last step (reinserted using S2 encryption mode) and The only option would be to wait for the fix then :cry:

As @Caseda already wrote the problem should only occur if you include an Aeotec device under v7 and the device supports S2.

If this problem occurs without reinclusion my suggestion is to contact Athom (support@athom.com) and Aeotec.

@Caseda, thank you very much for helping out.

Hi guys.

I have the same issue.
After Homey upgraded to 7.0.0 with the siren connected it got quiet.
I removed it and re added it and it is still silent.

This is what is expected.

This is not what is expected.

Also my suggestion, contact Athom and Aeotec.

Hi fantross, any suggestion to contact Athom then ? should we raise the bug outside the community space, they wouldn’t be really connected with us here ? How best to redirect this ? Many thanks


Thanks fantross,
It is done, I informed them using this Athom support email also indicating this thread,
I could update you all here next when I will receive feedbacks from athom

I Already received confirmations from both Aeotec and Athom which is very reassuring …

The problem is known and should be solved with the next patch 7.0.1.

Just a little patience, but it is surely coming …

A new test version of the Aeotec App v3.1.0 with numerous changes, adjustments and corrections has been released.
Info about the changes can be found here.

Currently still known issues:

Thanks fantross, yes this enables to restore the home security system having the indoor siren 6 working back.
I have tested and could confirm this temporary fix is working well waiting for the 7.0.1 Homey release

Yesterday Homey FW v7.0.1-rc.5 was released, the changelog can be found here.

Also a new test version of the Aeotec App was realeased, the changelog can be found here.
Attention: For these version 3.1.1/3.1.2 Homey FW v7.0.1 is needed!

nice, updated it all and it works for me now.

Hi all

I have Homey 7.2.1 and aesotec 3. 5.1

No sound only the light.

Is it only me that still have problem?