Aeotec Siren 6

Anyone know if this works if you add it as a Aeotec Siren Gen 5 in Homey?

It doesn’t matter witch device you choose, when adding a Z-Wave Device.
If the corresponding app is installed and the device is supported by the app, you can add any device with
Add device -> homey -> Z-Wave!! Or even choose a device what ever you like.

As far the device is supported it will work correctly otherwise t will be added as generic Device.

In short. It does not matter for the result which device is selected at the inclusion.

I am not interested in adding it as a generic device if that means I can not use all of its functions. I am wondering if its functions will work if I add it as the old version using the app?

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Did you try it :wink:

But 99.99% it wont work

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I’ve tried to explain to you that it makes no difference what device you choose.
If homey itself or the corresponding App supports the device it will work, otherwise not!

Let me explain it otherwise, Homey’s way of including z-wave devices is based on 3 ID’s every z-wave device has, not on which device you select.

  • Manufacturer ID, every manufacturer/brand should have its own ID.
  • Product Type ID, Here the manufacturer can choose what type of device it is, for example 10 = Siren;
  • Device ID, Here manufacturers can (should) determine all different device’s, for example the Siren 5 (supported) has a different ID here then the Siren 6 (unsupported) you have.

Als long as all 3 ID’s are not specified in an app you have installed, it will be installed as a generic on/off z-wave device.
So currently your Siren 6 is not supported with all it’s functions.

But of course, feel free to ask Athom for adding this device into the app, the more people ask for it, the more likely it will be added fast.
Or wait if 1 of the community likes to add it.


It`s actually added (siren gen 6) in the alpha at Github, just found out by checking! Just do a CLI install.

I’ve just added a Siren 6 to Homey. It’s fustrating that features what available on SmartThings, on Homey not:

Chime volume, Alarm Volume, Light behavior, more chime&alarm sounds, etc.

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Indeed, I bought one too, but in Homey you can’t configure anything. So it makes the Siren6 quite useless…
The developer doesn’t seem to update the app regular, so not really worth buying

I see Aeotec updated their app since you posted. Did the add the device and functionality in the latest app?

Unfortunately not. Still not possible to control the volume… :expressionless:

As far as I know, volume settings are not possible to implement as a feature yet because Homey zwave core… or Aeotec’s different concept. I hope once it comes… in the mean time would be awesome to automate at least mute (even when button is pressed) so we could use Soundboard app and integrated Homey speaker with reduced volume… or just disable chime if needed…