Adding aeotec siren 6 to homey

I have the heiman siren, it is simple, just on/off

I’ve been finding many raw commands to change the volume and sound of the doorbell 6, but the siren 6 works the same (it is technically the same device without the button).
So if you don’t mind to do it with raw commands for now it is perfectly doable (tried to explain it extensively).
The siren does need to be included unsecure, but I’ve explained that in the same post.

I wrote in a review about the app:
Siren 6 lacks many functions (sound, light). Not even better in the current test version 3.0.6
In response I got:
Please contact Aeotec Support

The missing functions / functionalities (e.g. setting volume, light control, etc.) affect the AEOTEC Homey app and not the product. Are the inadequacies of the Homey app simply being blamed on AEOTEC itself?
Why is this Siren 6 functionality not made available in Homey AEOTEC?
(I saw the RAW Commands in the thread, this is certainly interesting for hobbyists, but cannot be the solution)

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Thank you,I also had the same problem until I read your post here :slight_smile:

I had aeotec siren 6 myself. At that time it wasn’t that much discussed so I couldn’t / didn’t know how to lower a volume. I returned it as it was to loud for indoor use.

Later on I started to read there is a way over insecure addition and raw command. Great and quite unique product on the market crippled by volume control. How hard it is to put volume control in app settings? I’m sometimes really puzzled by simplest stuff.

It is so hard that it has been in the app for several months now :stuck_out_tongue: (since v3.0.11)

Cut the shit, really? Mother fu*** how did this pass below my radar.

So aeotec siren 6 has volume control in the app now? I was following change logs as I have other aeotec products but obviously not good enough.

Thnx for the heads up, thnx indeed. I’ll most likely reorder as product was good actually.