Aeotec Siren 6 installed, but won't work

Hi all,
Today I received my Aeotec Siren 6. It installed like a breeze and I created flows for/ with it. But as soon as I tested the flows I got an error “device not available”. In the device list the siren now has a red triangle with an exclamation mark. Whwn long clicking the siren, i get the message “apparaat niet beschikbaar” (device not available) and “device.setUnavailable is not a function”

My Homey Pro is running on 7.1.3
Hopefully one of you can help me fix this
Greetings, Cor

There is a good chance that it is out of range, too far away from Homey. Please test with both close together.

Not sure what is going on here, but I have had the Siren 6 for some time and today it is also telling me that is is not available. It is only a couple of meters away from the homey.

Resetting makes no difference, so thought I would remove it and reinstall it.
Removing is fine, but when trying to reistall the Aeotec app has a warning sign over it an can not be selected…

Perhaps this is caused by an application update?

Homey also tells me that the Aeotec app has been updated 6 hours ago to version 3.2.1….
Definately something there.

Restarting Homey removes the warning sign, but I have not so far been able to install the Siren 6 again. - No response, so far, from homey when the Sirens 6 join-button is pressed.

Try to remove it via the developer site:
Enter the exact device name in the search field. When it’s displayed, hit the recycle bin icon.

I would recommend to disable auto-updates if you don’t like these kind of surprises.

And, did you try a brand new battery. Can’t do any harm.:blush:

Thanks Peter.
I understand where you are coming from on disabling updates, but Homey have a big installed base of users now, so I expect a “little” more than this to be honest.
The Siren 6 is gone, but thanks for reminding on removing from the develop site. The trick now is to get it back into the system again. I have a total of 3 Siren 6 in the house here all the same all over… The alarms run on on 230V only with a rechargeable battery inside, but I agree. Batteries are always a good first move.
Again thanks Peter. A supportcase have been started. I a looking forward to see how that works :wink:

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Homey and siren are 50 cm apart, so that won’t be the issue.
Thanks for thinking along

I removed my siren and could install it again, but again when testing it, the error came back. Do you also get the same notification when you press and hold the siren tile?
“device.setUnavailable is not a function”
I get the feeling there’s a typo in the program, since there’s no space between the t and U. Hopefully someone can check this.

Please contact Aeotec (Aeotec support). I guess also that the new app version has something to do with these issues, because in this version they made some changes regarding the Siren 6.
Here you find some more information:

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Just reported it at Aeotec. If there’s any news, I’ll share it here.

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New app version v3.2.2 already released!


Can confirm that with 3.2.2 everyting is back again and can be triggered from Homey.

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Working now with version 3.2.2

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I have the same problem you are describing but now in version 3.6.3

That’s not a lot of information you’re sharing.
Did you add the siren the first time?
Have you tried to add again?
Does the error occur after an update (Homey, App)?

According to the Aeotec app changelog, the last change acc. the siren was made on version 3.4.0 (4. Okt. 2021):

Thanks @fantross for taking the time addressing my post. You are right, I should have given more specific information. The Siren 6 was added to Homey a couple of weeks ago close to Homey. However it resides somewhere else in the house and connects through a Aeotec Range Extender 7. For unknown reasons, it stops working after a while. No changes made and/or software updates. No error messages, it just does nothing. This has happened twice now. So I restart Homey and when Homey is back again the Siren 6 has an exclamation mark. When I try to open it, i get the message “apparaat niet beschikbaar” (device not available) and “device.setUnavailable is not a function” or something similar. It looks like a communication error. The only way I know how to solve it, it to remove the device in Homey, re-add it and then fix the flows. Adding the device can only be done close to Homey I have found out. Adding the device through the Range Extender is not possible. Although Aeotec says this should be possible. When I try it, I receive the message that communication has been lost, half way through the process.

Anyway, I did the whole re-adding process again yesterday and it is working fine again at the moment. I have also send a message to Aeotec support. Hopefully, there will be a more long-lasting solution in the near future.

Based on your description I also guess that.

It’s possible to try to heal communication issues via Developer → Z-Wave. Search for the Siren 6, click on the 3 dots on the right sight of the column and click on Heal. Battery-powered devices must be woken up manually first. After that, the Z-Wave device tries to find a new, better route.

That’s right. As far as I know, Homey doesn’t support NWI *¹ (Network Wide Inclusion) which means, that devices must be included in direct near to Homey.

*¹ NWD corrected in NWI

I did not know that. Thanks.

Thanks for the tip. It does heal, but unfortunately the communication error remains. I am only guessing here, but I think this has something to do with the S2 security not implemented correctly either in the Aeotec app, Homey or both. I believe that, once the connection is broken between the device and homey for whatever reason, communication (protocols) are not restored correctly.

With the app UnZ-Cure from the Community App Store it’s possible to include S2 devices unsecure. Maybe this should help.

Thanks for the advise! This is awesome! Happy to learn something new that I did not know existed. Athom owes a lot to all these developer volunteers improving the system. And we as users as well :pray: