A dashboard made by Homey (Athom) might be (not far, far away, but:) on it’s way!

Sharptools can also provide dashboards now. It is free to use for a single dashboard, paid when you want more.


I will not order a new homey pro until there is a good dashboard. I will keep running my home assistant until then. Sparklines, resizable charts (line, column, area), doghnuts, gauges… plain cards with information…

Insights is good but that is just for a particular set of devices. A dashboard should provide all kinds of data from multiple sources at a glance. Resizable to ones needs… that would be awesome!

what you guys have accomplished so far, this should be a peace of cake…

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@skogsaas is also working on a dashboard:

Since there are so many new dashboard solutions, it seems this is a much requested feature!



I am new at Homey (I am using it since yesterday) but I used Domoticz for 9 years nad Homehabit from 2 (I think it is best home automation application on android).

I read Your post about MQTT but I try to do that on Homey but with no success :frowning:
What IP I need to write on Homehabit app? Local Ip of my Homey?

What exactly settings I need to check in Mqtt croker, client and hub on homey?

I started broker, client and hub but Homehabit couldn’t connect:(

I will be very gratefull if You answer my questions.

I really want to use Homehabit app to rule my homey:)

Best regards


For the broker you need the fill in the port number. Normally port 1883.
For the client you need to fill in your homey`s IP adress and port number 1883.
And for the hub you can check if it is running under settings and under devices you can check if there are devices.

When I reboot the homey, I need to restart MQTT hub before it works. ( I made a flow for it)

In Homehabit you need to fill in the IP of your Homey and port 1883.
Easiest is to check with a program like http://mqtt-explorer.com for the MQTT commands.
These commands you can use in Homehabit.
Homehabit will not discover the mqtt commands.

Good luck.

Thank You very much form answer but nothing works :frowning:
I set everything and I can’t connect with Homehabit and mqtt-explorer.

I really don’t know what am I doing wrong:(

I need to open port 1883 on my router?

Are you sure you have the correct ip-adress?
Normaly rhere is no need to open port 1883 on your router.
In the app setting from the broker, client and hub is a tab to see the logs.
Is there any info in the logs?


In Broker log: MQTT error occurred: Error:Connection refused: Not authorised (I filled only port 1883 on first line)
In Client log: the same ( I filled port 1883 nad my homey local IP (nothing else)
In Hub I see all my devices

An insight of how MQTT works (you probably did not use an user/passw and did not use an MQTT Broker):


it started to work. In broker I added usr and password but I didn’t click plus button :slight_smile:

Thanks for help

I will try to add some devices to Homehabit

Is there a simple way to add all my devices from homey to home habit? In Homehabit I connected MQTT but there is nothing to add in devices. I try to add them but this is a lot of work :slight_smile:

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Good to hear it works.
Maybe a login is necessary.
I am afraid there is no easy way too add the devices. It is a lot of work.


Thank You very much for help.

I added two sensors with success but I don’t know if I have strength to do that for all my stuff:)

Best regards

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Any news or hints about a dashboard or a revamp of the GUI? (It feels a bit outdated)

Love to see some cards that can be resized, sparklines/charts and other metrics that can be shown directly on the dashboard as well as the action buttons to kick off some flows.

I have a tablet in my kitchen that one would like to see various details at a glance!

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There are at least 4 alternative dashboard that are right for you!


Can you name the 4 dashboards?

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  1. SmartDash ([Pro][Dashboard][Android][iOS] SmartDash - a dashboard for Homey)
  2. HDashboards ([PRO][Dashboard] HDashboards a dashboard system fully focussed on Homey)
  3. Dashboards ([APP][Pro] Dashboards)
  4. TileDash (TileDash - an Homey dashboard)

I am aware there are alternative solutions given a gap in an OEM (vendor) dashboard/control panel solution. So I reached out to Homey support to convey my dismay that such functionality is not a core feature set.

Homey support informed me Homey are developing dashboard/control panel functionality and it is on their roadmap. When? Didn’t say so it might be 3 months or another 3 years, however they are definitely doing it. Good news for Homey owners (hopefully) and hope it is a polished solution (easy to use while providing a wealth of variety and configuration)


Any news on this? I was sure I read somewhere that a dashboard had been launched, but I’m unable to find it. Must’ve been dreaming…

It was confirmed as being in development by Athom at a recent AMA event but no news on release date

Thanks - both for replying and for making me feel a little more sane :grin:

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