A dashboard made by Homey (Athom) might be (not far, far away, but:) on it’s way!

interesting… can i send you a prive message?



Really nice dashboard!

Have been looking for a long time for a real nice dash to Homey. I dont have the knowledge to make it myself.

Would you consider sending a small guide in PM? :innocent:

Kan i run HA on my regular computer with win 11 or do i have to get another for only that porpose?


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If Homey just makes good widgets where you can adjust the layout text and color yourself, then a dashboard is available for the common man. Advanced dashboards would be nice in a separate app.

I guess the best thing you can currently do (afaik) is create a customisable AVD: [APP][Pro] Advanced Virtual Device (Device Capabilities App) with Unique Text Status Indicator - Apps - Homey Community Forum
But unfortunatly, i know, this is not the real thing as it comes to dashboards ofc.

It’s just currently the best i can come up with :wink:

Just a loose idea on the dashboard front.
Some users have been requesting integration with Sharptools.io (Dashboard for SmartThings, Hubitat, and Home Assistant | SharpTools). I don’t have any experience with this tool myself, but could be a solution. Either convincing Sharptools to support Homey or a project for a (group of?) Community Developer or a cooperation between Sharptools and Athom?

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Hi Calle,

You can install VirtualBox or VMware on your regular computer windows system, then download & import the ready to run HA image, and start fiddling right away.
Install MQTT Hub + MQTT Client on Homey, and MQTT Broker on HA.
Optional, install Home Assistant app on Homey, when you want to interact with HA devices from Homey.

When things are connected, HA starts to build a dash by itself with all devices (and will continue doing that with new devices).

Then there is Dwain’s dashboard, which is also full automatic, but editable.

Here’s a starter guide: [TUTORIAL][PRO] Home Assistant integreren met Homey

Homehabit is a nice dashboard and works well with Homey. You can run it on a android tablet.

I was using the node-red dashboard.
It worked, but refreshing the web page takes a few seconds. That annoyed me.

I now use the app Homehabit.
It works with mqtt. And a lot of other possibilities.
You can implement grafana, camera’s and webpages.
Multiple pages are supported.

You can run it without an raspberry pie.
You need the apps mqtt broker and hub. And maybe the client.

Depending on what you would like for integration but it can be free. But is always good to support the developer.

This is a good tip. I’ve tried to set it up, but none of my homey controlled devices are visible in the HomeHabit app. mqtt is set up and all my devices are seen by a mqtt browser, but I get nothing in HomeHabit. Do you have any tips, or guides you could point me towards?

I use a program called mqtt.fx. This is for windows and mac os. With this programm you can see al the mqtt messages that are send.

Than you have to search for the right command.
With mqtt.fx you can also test if the command works.

Than you have to add the items to the mqtt integration. It should look like this:

Hope this will help.
If you need more info, let me know.

When the items are added to the integration you can add a widget and select the correct item.

I’ve been trying this, and dimmers, lights and sensors work ok, but how about thermostats? Have you been able to make those work?

I do not use thermostats myself, but tried to figure it out.
A solution I found is to set it up as a dimmer.
Add it in the mqtt integration the thermostat as a dimmer and ad the widget as a dimmer.
Than you can select the style up/down. Maybe set a minimum and maximum temperature.

Maybe not the nicest solution, but it works.
And else you have to ask the developer.

please Homey make a dashboard so that more than only nerds can use your device…


There are some indications that a dashboard is coming. But it will probably take a while, as Enschede is busy introducing the Homey early 23. If the software runs well on the new Homey, they will have time for development again.


Some :nerd_face: are using the WebApp on a wall mounted tablet. Not me - perhaps I’m a bit too nerdy :smile:

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A homey-made dashboard will be awesome.

I try super hard to understand all possibilities to make a dashboard. But the most guides for dashboard are above my level.

I hope this week I receive my new homey pro, so I can play with it.
Dashboard is offcourse not the most important thing for now, but I want to deffintly have a old iPad at the wall with a dashboard.

I like the one Calle_Modig made.

That’s Peters dashboard (quoted in the answer). And that is made with HomeAssistant. So not the easiest.
But as new Homey user you can try my.homey.app (WebApp).

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Yes I would like a homey dashboard fully customizable

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Hi i am creating a dashboard for android device.
There is still much to do but it work!