2023 AUX hack?

Sadly, homey killed my zigbee chip in my 2019 homey. So I had to swap over to a “new” 2023 pro… Without a speaker and without a AUX…
Is there any way to connect a speaker or something similar to the “better 2023” version?
It was really nice to get a voice telling us when someone was with the pool etc. We used the speak function for a lot of things.

And I guess there are more topics…

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Nah. I don’t want the delay or pray for working wifi.
People modify everything. I was hoping someone had modified / hacked their “better in every thing” 2023 pro.
IL guess I have to buy older homey until they make a new (actually better) homey. Or wait for a alternative

The mainboard of the HP23 is a RaspberryPi Compute Module 4 which has no AUX output.
But even if the module had an AUX connection, the firmware would probably have to be adapted.

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