Homey Pro 2023 & Zigbee

Just started to setup the new 2023 and moving from a 2019.

The Wifi in my area is very crouded but channel 1 (Zigbee 11) is by far the best. In 2019 you can set Zigbee channel but not on the 2023 yet.
Have anyone heard anything about ETA on this? Afraid the Zigbee wont work that well under channel 25 that is default on 2023.

From what I read on the forums (experience from others) resetting your zigbee network re-evaluates the channels and changes it to the least congested.

No experience with it myself though as it already picked the right one but might be worth a shot?

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Don’t think 25 is the default channel. My hp23 chosen ch 15.

Mine unfortunately chose Ch11, which is definitely not the quietest channel around here…
I am going to change it to Ch15 once this is supported on the developer page.

You are right. Seems it picks channel on how busy the air is.

Workaround is as said reset the Zigbee network (You will loose all devices and have to pair them again)

I did a reset 13 times to get channel 11 that i wanted :joy:

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hi all, I used to see the devices and which router they were connected to with my homey bridge. I recently finished setting up the new homey pro 2023, added a smart socket (acts as a router), but I do not see any of the other devices (even the ones in the same room) “linked” to that router device, as I used to with the bridge. Anyone with the same experience?

Everyone has this, as it isn’t implemented yet for the Early Access Homey Pro.
It is just 1 route though (the last used), of the several that are there in the entire mesh.

According to Athom support the routing is not coming back in the developers-page…

I asked them and their answer was:

“For the time being, Homey Developer Tools will remain as it is now, and the routing will no longer appear in the overview.”

As long as the Zigbee is better than the old one that’s fine by me!
Have not heard any big problems yet from others and on my side

Well, even stronger:
I always had troubles reaching my mailbox, 2 stories below by any signal. Either 433MHz, 868MHz, Zigbee or Z-Wave.
But with my new HP23 I don’t miss any notification that the mailman has been. The (modified) Aqara doorsensor always functions flawlessly!

I do notice some problems with ZigBee on my Homey 2023. Lights that don’t respond when turning them on or off for example. I created a support ticket so I hope it will be fixed before it leaves early access :).

Sounds like some lights are on the edge of the range. Maybe adding a few router devices in between might solve it.
Also, is your wifi channel fixed, and not interfering with your zigbee channel?

Lights out of the range shouldn’t be the problem. The lights that don’t react differ from time to time and are both close by and somewhat further away. I already added some router devices (although lights should also act as routers as far as I know), but that didn’t solve the problem either.

Some time ago I already saw a post on this forum about the interference of Wi-Fi and ZigBee. To make sure that wasn’t the culprit I changed my Wi-Fi channel to a fixed channel and moved my Homey away from my router. Unfortunately that also didn’t solve the problem.

My hopes now are on a firmware update. The early acces page shows a software issue with ZigBee, so hopefully Athom can resolve that.

Correct, in theory all mains powered (and some USB powered) zigbee devices act as router.

But did you also check your current zigbee channel? For example, if zigbee on 11 and your wifi is fixed to 1, it has a lot of interference and degrades your zigbee mesh

I did also check my current ZigBee channel :). I edited my Wi-Fi channel based on the channel ZigBee is using. I’m now using channel 3 with 20 MHz for my (2.4 GHz) Wi-Fi and channel 20 for ZigBee.