Zigbee and new homey pro 2023 experiences

Dear readers, especially those with homey pro 2023, the new homey.

I have an ancient homey pro, about 5 years old, and installed external antenna’s for zwave, zigbee, wifi. It did improve coverage. Zwave and wifi work fine, for zigbee I am still not happy.
My zigbee demands are not yet met. Still sometimes connection problems, solved for the best part with the external antenna and with extra software controls. But most of all at functional level I miss the possibility to e.g update firmware, and reset consumed power, to name a few.
To overcome this, I could install a Rapberry pi with zigbee2mqtt as gateway, that does offer full zigbee functionality.

Another scenario would be to migrate my domotics to the new Homey Pro, but to make a good decision I need to know if the zigbee coverage and functional possibilities have improved in the new homey pro puck version, compared to the old egg version, to meet my demands.

Any new homey pro 2023 users with zigbee who would like to share their experiences ?
Kind regards Theo

Zigbee functionality hasn’t changed on the new hardware, and it seems stability/range is a hit-or-miss situation: for some people it works better than the old Homey, others have lots of issues with devices dropping from the network at regular intervals.

If zigbee2mqtt is an option, I would certainly recommend using it instead of Homey. AFAIK the zigbee2mqtt app for Homey works quite well.

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zigbee in the new homey pro is just a koke…
It detect absolutly nothing or when it detect the equipement it’s declared as “unknow”…

This is because of the design.

When a device is not supported by an installed zigbee app, it can get added as “unknown zigbee device”, which can work fine.

I think it’s really stupid they called it “unknown”, while many other users also think Homey doesn’t know what to do with it.

That is partly true, while it can handle lights, sockets and switches with basic functionality.

Are you aware of the fact wifi signals can fuck up the zigbee signal? Did you tune the channels?

Did you send your findings to Athom support? Issues don’t get resolved by only writing your griefs here.

thanks for all the info. I would guess athom support scans this forum to further innovate the homey. But I will raise a separate ticket at their support.

Wrong guess, I am afraid. At least they don’t let us know they do… :slight_smile:

But as @Peter_Kawa wrote: you should really look at Zigbee and WiFi interference. My Zigbee network reliability improved drastically after changing the WiFi channel of my Fritzbox and Asus mesh WiFi set.

For Zigbee coverage and range, don’t (just) rely on Homey. A good Zigbe network also relies on well placed Zigbee routers like light bulbs and sockets. Which should be added first and end devices (battery powered devices) after.

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