Homey Pro 2023 - Pro-customers

Bought homey pro in 2021, and the advanced Flow upgrade when it was released this year. I’m not seeing any rebates for the new homey pro. Will you be doing that to keep/tide existing customers over to new devices? Dropping ~400 EUR last/this year should count for something.

Seing as there are serious problems with both zwave and zigbee implementations with the current devices. I doubt you will (or can) fix those.

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My old Homey still works fine, even with Z-Wave and Zigbee, so it’s should not be a problem to hold on to your ‘old’ Homey Pro, and you will get software updates also in future. Don’t think there are any issues with the current Homey Pro’s. It’s up to customers to upgrade to a improved Homey if they want, not a necessity.


The latest homey pro has problems with both z-wave and Zigbee support/interopability. Just look at all the threads on aqara/xiaomi devices going permanently offline. The supposed stack rewrites are probably never coming. In that sense, a new device is actually a necessity.

Depends on where in the stack the issues arise. I doubt it’s in the Zigbee/Z-Wave firmware, because they will be off the shelf(-ish), so it’s either in the layer that communicates with the firmware (which will be different for the new Homey Pro) or in the layer that sits between the apps and the comms layer, and I doubt that layer will get a (large) rewrite.

We’ve been waiting for years. If this was easy, or prioritized, it would be fixed by now. My guess is that the underlying code below apps (could be due to more than 1 layer) is bad, and that fixing it requires a total rewrite from app interface down to stock (?) fw. Then again, only they know.

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Same here… i use both Zigbee (only Battery powered Aqara) and Z-wave Outlets and it works perfectly fine. (Early 2018)