Migrating from 2019 to 2023 (and issues relating to that)

It seems the migration from 2019 to 2023 might not be as smooth as I was hoping - some important apps don’t work (I’ve checked the test versions), so I will have to choose between:

  • Run both Homeys in tandem for a while
  • Put the 2023 on the shelf for a while

Now, is there an easy way to run these in tandem? Can I call apps on the 2019 box from the 2023? Can I control devices on the 2019 from the 2023? If so, I guess I can make it work. If not I’ll just have to wait for a while and see if support is made. Or I’ll have to invest in a new door lock.

I did a migration and had to repair some things. I did run the Homey 2019 and Early 2023 next to each other. First of course had to repair all zigbee devices.

After that deleted those devices and flows that ran smoothly on the 2023. Next i became aware Neeo was not supported at this moment on the 2023. So deleted the flows on the 2023.

After a while all devices and flows worked well on the 2023 and deleted them on the 2019.

Last was a decision i made myself and sold all my Neeo devices and replaced it with Fibaro. Adjusted the flows on the 2023 and deleted the devices and flows on the 2019.

At that moment the Homey 2019 was empty and shut it down.

Only decision i now have to make. Do i use this homey as backup if the 2023 for som reason dies, or do i sell it and buy a extra homey early 2023.

A few years ago my Homey 2016 died, and that’s the moment you realize Homey is very integrated in your house. No Homey was a pain in the ass.

How did you trigger devices from the other Homey?



Ok, thanks. Seems I’m only missing a few apps so I think I’m going to just shut down the old Homey. As of now I’m only missing Battery Monitor, Mill WIFI and HTTP request flow cards.

On top of my head Pro 201x reported all batteries with less than 20% juice by it self, I think I can assume the 2023 model will do the same (or better?);

For HTTP flow cards, take a look at the added Logics cards for HTTP. There’s much more possible

Ok, thanks - that fixes most of my problems, and the Mill app isn’t really needed until fall and the heaters have to come back up :smiley:

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About Mill:
The app dev is gone fishing so it seems.

From the email message from Mill, it seems they’re aiming to support Matter with their Home Assistant integration, but nothing for Homey.

Matter support for Homey 2023 is aimed at Q2.

I don’t know if Matter enabled products can be controlled without a specific Homey app

Btw Mill alr has a HA Wifi integration

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Ok, thanks. Might just have to ditch my Mill products, then. Good thing I only bought the plugs and not the heaters :slight_smile: