Same device on two homeys

Hi there. I want to buy a homey pro 2023. Now using a pro 2019. Memory is full. I want to back up 2019 - disconnect 2019 - add 2023 to existing account - restore backup 2019 to 2023. Now I have 2 identical homeys. Next I want to remove the flows on 2023 I will use on the 2019 (such as the ones that use the speaker). Shut down power on 2023 and start 2019. Repeat procedure and remove flows that are on the 2023. Restart 2023. The flows are now separated but the all my devices exist on both homeys. Big question is will this work? I have no zigbee devices direct on homey only via philips hue hub. Zwave devices are direct on homey. Anyone any experience with this configuration??

When you have no zigbee devices,
I’d suggest this step order:

  1. 2019: perform a backup
  2. 2019: remove all zwave devices
  3. 2019: remove flows which should be on 2023 only
  4. 2019: install Homesh Satellite**
  5. restore backup of 2019 to 2023
  6. 2023: Start it up
  7. 2023: Remove flows which should be on 2019 only
  8. 2023: wait for the zwave mesh to start and ‘settle’
  9. 2023: in the meantime, install Homesh Controller**
  10. 2023: fix (re-pair) possible offline zwave devices (shouldn’t be necessary in theory)

**) optional: With both Homesh apps, you can use the 2023 to control sounds & speech, and led animations on the 2019 directly;
And, you can start flows on it (for example for SDK2 apps you want to keep using?)

This will not work. A device can only have one controller.

Thanks! But does that that a device can be on both homeys? For example: a flow on 2019 turns a device and a flow on 2023 turns it off? Silly example but you get the point.

Have a nice day!

With 433mhz devices it will work,
With cloud based like switchbot it might work as well same api and authentication)
Same with hue via hue bridge

But if you want the 2019 coexist with 2023 for some time, you can leave the zigbee and zwave devices on the 2019, but switch them via webhooks. Build the new flows on the 2023 and use webhooks to switch them via the 2019

Then gradually move the sensors over and only change the input/output of the flows from webhook to device.

I have done it this way by having homey cloud coexist with a 2019

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Like @Vnet explained. And zigbee/zwave devices can be linked to 1 Homey at a time.

It’s possible with the Homesh apps to install both Controller and Satellite apps on both Homey’s. This way you can start flows or stuff from 2019 on 2023 and vice versa.

This will work too.
Just connect your hue bridge to the homey 2023 via matter. It will automatically pull in all the hue devices.
Now these can be controlled via both homeys

No problem, both homeys will get the status via the hub.
By accident I even had 2 identical flows running on bith homeys. So my hue lights where controlled by two homeys and even at the same time (same trigger)
Did not notice any issues