Two Homeys backup mashup

A couple of months ago I received a new 2023 pro.
I disconnected the old 2019 for later use and installed the backup to the new one.

yesterday I took the old one to our summerhouse.
I factory reset it and set it up as a new device.

Today I logged in to the one in our home (2023 pro). Now it showed a mirror of the old cleaned one. No lamps, sensors, flows or nothing left.

Yes, I got the backups, but can I restore it when I’m not at home?

How should I go on, without messing things up even more? I’m in the summerhouse one more day before going back home.

Do you have two Homeys backuped in this view?

If not I think you have to contact Athom support.

Done. Thnx

Hi David,

When you factory reset your Pro 2019, it’s impossible your Pro 2023 got factory resetted as well (while you have to use a pin on the 2023, to use the setup/reset button).

Makes me wonder if you mixed things up by accident;
Are you sure you selected the Pro 2023 and not the Pro 2019 in the app?
To me, it really sounds like you are viewing the Pro 2019 unintentionally

I got a good answer from the support.
1 Make a new user
2 Setup te old Homey in te new house
3 Invite the original user

Now everything is fine.

Thanks for your support!