Speaker connection to homey pro

Hello everyone,
Until now I had HOMEY PRO 2019, I switched to 2023.
The old Homey had a PL3.5 Audio connection and the new one doesn’t,
How can I connect a speaker to the new one?!
I’m looking to connect a BT speaker that I have to the homey but I can’t find the application for it.

Look for Chromecast enabled devices, Google nest mini’s or nest hub, or Sonos / Ikea speakers for instance.
It’s not possible (yet) to use BT speakers.
Please make a request for this feature at support https://homey.app/support

Thank you very much for the answer,
If I want to play my sound piece, can I do it with the things you wrote down?

Yep, check this app store app overview filtered on “music”.

When you see interesting apps, open the app page to see if they’re Pro 2023 compatible.