Connect Apple HomePod Mini's to Homey 2023 Pro

Anyone can explain how to connect the Apple HomePod mini to Homey 2023 Pro?
I have been surfing to all settings and not able to find.
Thanks in advance

Connect how? What do you want to do with them?

I use Home Assistant to “control” the music, not brilliant but it works.

There is no clean connection because Apple does not publish the API…:worried:

Setting up the speakers, so that I can control music and configure flows for Alarms and other stuff.

As @cgHome already said: you probably need to use Home Assistant with its Apple TV integration if you want to be able to do that. Homey doesn’t have such an integration.

Look and be amazed: :hushed:

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I use the Media Player…

The Apple TV integration creates the media player entities.

Does it mean that I need to setup a homeassistant instance?

Yes, you need a Home-Assistant server, including the Music-Assistant plug-in

It looks like this for me:

Apple Music > Plex server (Docker) > Music-Assistant plug-in (Home-Assistant server) > Home Assistant Community app (Homey)

Thanks, but it will not work for me anymore as I moved away from the setup. I just want to have a single system. A bit disappointed, but it is what it is.

I use a HomePod in combination with homey as well:

  1. HomeyKit installed on homey to control light/heating devices etc through HomeKit (e.g. on HomePod mini)
  2. Srii shortcuts van be used to trigger flows in homey e.g. to group old non AirPlay Sonos speakers with AirPlay enabled speakers.
  3. Music control is directly done on the HomePod

I’m using HomePod mini’s with siri to control zigbee devices that can be displayed in apple home app. For more complicated flow’s or unsupported devices, I use Siri shortcuts to start homey flow’s

Now I would like to log the temperature and humidity measurements of the HomePod mini’s in homey pro. Does anyone has a suggestion how to do this?