How do i connect my Google Nest Mini's to a Homey Pro?

The app supporting Google nest Mini seems to not be available anymore. In the “Google Nest” app available now, the only applicable selection is “Max Hub”…which i don’t have, just a couple of nest mini’s

Any suggestions?

This one:

I am talking about Google Nest Mini…not chromecast. Do you suggest that i should connect the hub as a chromecast?

I know it does not sound logical. But just add this app and choose this app when you add a device :slight_smile:

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Will try, thanks

Depending how you are going to use your nest mini’s, a flow like mentioned in Script to restart Google Chromecast can be usefull (as sometimes your Google devices will lose connection with Homey).

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Worked fine, thanks for your help!

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For let your mini speaking text, you can use:

If you want to get proper speach with the Mini’s try this app Google Services App voor Homey | Homey
Works perfect. Natural voice with speed and pitch control of the voices you choose.

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What do you use that for?

I use it to say ‘Goodmorning’ to my son when his mini stops playing radio as alarm :grinning:

And I use Soundboard App voor Homey | Homey as sound for my doorbell.

I use it for warnings such as that the washingmachine or the dryer is ready. I also use it to warn that when it is raining and the backdoor is left open, that it must be closed. With the afvalkalender I get a warning that tomorrow the container (3 types) will be emptied. When there is a hedgehog in his feeding house we also get a warning that Spikey is having diner. When there is a waterleak from the dishwasher I also get a warning. Lots of usefull things you can think of.

I see no cards for Google Service…

Installed the app? Google Services App for Homey | Homey

and instructions for installing: [APP][Pro] Google Services - App for Translate and new Text-to-Speech for any device with url input

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Is there a way to play MP3 files saved in Google “My Drive” or a different cloud storage site??

no experience with but: