Speaker for announcements and doorbell in Homey 2023

I was very disappointed to learn that Athom has not included a speaker in Homey Pro 2023 and I didn’t think to check before purchasing, because why would they remove it when it was supposed to be better in every way. With Homey Pro 2019 I used the alarm function in the app and the Soundboard app to play a doorbell sound when someone rings the doorbell. I had plans to add announcements for my washing machine and so on too. To my disappointment I have now lost both functions and I can’t see an easy (or affordable) way to get them back. I do not have Sonos or Google speakers, nor would I want to have my music interrupted for simple announcements that used to be handled by my Homey Pro 2019. I have looked for a way to connect a simple bluetooth speaker or a smart lightbulb with wifi speaker included, or something like that, to make announcements from Homey, but I can’t find anything that is supported in Homey Pro 2023. Does anyone have a good solution to get back this basic functionality that was very handy in Homey Pro 2019 on the Homey Pro 2023? Thanks


This might be a solution. I use the Aeotec Z-Wave Plus 105dB Siren 6. This can generate 30 sounds and you can set the sound level. I use it as an alarm siren, as a doorbell gong and to give an audible signal when I activate or deactivate alarm. So you could assign specific sounds for you washing machine and so on. Its not spoken word, but could be a solution.


Thanks for the tip, I will definitely look into that if there is no way to get custom audio to an affordable speaker.

Or a Sonos speaker could be an alternative, I use it for doorbell and other things.

Speaker with Chromecast built-in. Works directly on the early 23.
I bought mine used for € 20.

From time to time you can get a new Google Nest Mini for less then 20€, that’s kind of cheap.

Sure, there are quite a few Nest minis available second hand and it doesn’t cost more than a Z-wave device retail so that’s fine. Would it be easy to set up a doorbell chime to be played for instance? And what kind of delay are we talking after my Yale Doorman doorbell has been pushed?

From none. Homey gives me the language with less than 1 second latency. But that’s only because the eBird has to wake up first.

Have you sold your old Homey? I also missed the speaker but still had the old HP19 which now I use it as a speaker for the HP23, among other things, too.

Yeah, sold it.

I have bought several NEW for 199 Sek, that’s less then 20€…

Ok, that is almost a third of what they cost over here (Norway). But used, you get them down to 20 euros. Anyway it seems to work ok for my setup, even though a Aeotec indoor siren would work better as a chime only since there is no need for it to wake up first. I have borrowed a chrome cast compatible speaker and it takes about a second to wake up and so the first half of the doorbell sound is cut. If I press the doorbell again and the speaker is awake, it plays the whole chime. Don’t know if the Nest mini will be any different but will ad a delay in the flow and see if that helps.

Right now it’s 449kr, but it goes up and down a lot.

Ikea sonos speakers works great for this with homey :blush:
The homey text to speech is basically instant

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So I got it working pretty well. I have a half second long silent file to wake the speaker and then it plays the doorbell sound. This works well with the speaker being awake or sleeping. Thanks for your input everyone.

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Which Sonos speaker are you using? And confirming for Homey 2023?

I use it all so whith Sonos, works prefect, I have a serval Play1 on rooms in the house, and a set with a SB in livingroom.
The music will stops and your door message will play. Even if the players or off you will hear the message. “There is someone at the door”

Google Nest Mini would be perfect for this, but is it possible to connect it to Homey Pro 2023?
If yes, how?
Its not listed as a device in the Google Nest app.

The Nest Mini does work with the app “Google Chromecast” for example, but has to be set up in the Google Home app first. However, at least in my setup, the Nest mini looses wifi connection all the time and I have to unplug it and plug it back in. This might be because it doesn’t like my mesh wifi network (Asus), but I will have to replace it for something else.

My Google Nest Minis are working just fine. Connects just as any chromecast device.