Looking for a Z-wave 230v chime / siren with mp3/custom sounds options (NL/EU)

Hey all,

New here and this is my first post. I’m looking for a chime on which you can place your own sound files to queue from homey. Closest thing I could find is the Aeotec siren gen5. But that one is obsolete.

I know there are zwave chimes that come with a few or multiple sounds. But all seem tacky. I want to choose my own minimalistic sounds for when, for example, you arm your security system. And not be limited to one of 5 sounds and be forced to use an air-raid sound… :slight_smile:

I don’t have wifi speakers in the house and I wish not to have to make custom speakers from example an rpi. I would love to be able to buy about 4 plug and play devices that can play custom sounds and work on 230v.

Use Sonos, you can chose your Sound. I use like alarm or ringbell

Maybe this helps

Not shure what you want/don’t want, but are a few Google Nest Mini’s (wifi speakers) an option?
They work very well with mp3’s of barking dogs and whatnot, (for me) loud enough.
Install 'em, add them to Homey per Chromecast app and cast away.

Thnx, @BAUWENS_Stephane , I feel like this might be out of my budget. I need a minimum of 4 devices. And would like to expand it to double it.

Sigh, I’ve promised myself an out-off-the-box solution :slight_smile: This makes me want to make a few though!

Well, at around €35 a piece this might become an option. But I will have to dive into the privacy questions that raise when adding 4 to 8 listening devices to my home. (yes yes, “send from Android”) Maybe if I can verify the mute button is hardwired and make a IOT Google account and not use my personal account to setup the devices…

Thanks for the feedback, this gives me some creative ideas.

  • I think I’ll start with a base of hosting all the default sounds on the Homey Pro device. This makes swapping the sounds easy, instead of swapping 4/8 SD cards (when based on ESP32). And stream them to the Nest or ESP32.
  • Streaming the sounds (since we use WiFi instead of Zwave/Zigbee) will add the option to also use Text-To-Speech with Google Translate API (yes again that Google, I’ll start with it as a base. I’m sure there are TTS APIs that are open source).
  • Instead of a webbased/ url endpoint version I would swap to MQTT.
  • I think I’ll start with one Google Nest Mini, and see if we can get the base working from the Homey side. If this works I can choose to expand to multiple nests or build multiple ESP32 devices. Both can be wall mounted of be made in recessed ceilings.

Well shat, and here I thought I would find a plug and play solution, I feel like I’ll have my weekends filled. Well, let’s first wait until the Homey gets shipped :slight_smile:

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I missed the soundboard application where it can concurrent stream different mp3 to homey, no more sound in HP2023.

But you’ll need an external speaker with the Pro 2023, like Chromecast enabled speakers, Sonos, Ikea, etc.

Since someone already teardown the HP2023, looking forward a guru able insert a speaker inside GPIO and a patch to enable the soundboard app. :sweat_smile:

I’m look for simple chime for hourly cuckoo and alert, Sonos and ikeas is out of budget.

Ah, couldn’t see your wallet from here :wink:
OK, how about this:
(credits to @Driesk )

Maybe with a piezo speaker it fits inside the Homey housing :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

And this, translated from original Dutch post

I built the wifi audio notifier tonight, from the Youtube clip

I installed the mqtt broker and client app on Homey for this

The experiences so far are:

  • easy to build was done in no time.
  • tts is worthless especially in Dutch
  • I played an mp3 of a gong, that went pretty well
  • the ringtone option works but sounds a bit 90s
  • volume can be adjusted
  • I think it shouldn’t be very difficult to add a multicolour led to the code to emulate the ledring function, for example.

Nice as an extra gong for doorbell or similar. Decent TTS is a loss → does anyone have an idea if this can be improved?

I actually hope to get the following things done in 1 device.

  • separate device for sound/tts function
  • led(ring) emulation
  • low power consumption
  • volume

Using Google nest mini, there is always a chime sound before any playback of mp3 /TTS. Anyone know how to turn off the that sound ?

No, but this is my workaround. Mute and then turn op the volume after the chime sound…

Thank you, @Peter_Kawa for sharing. I suggest setting the maximum volume change to 99% instead of 100% to avoid double dot feedback. This is because at 99%, only single dot feedback occurs. I know it may seem a bit OCD, haha.

Unfortunately, after replying to your message, I am experiencing issues with my Chromecast. Restarted the Chromecast application, all chromecast flow still won’t work It’s frustrating to see that one of Google’s cloud services is not reliable. I am not sure if I am the only one facing this problem.

Now HP2023 Chromecast app able to detect google nest after upgraded to 10.0.0-rc.98

Nest devices are just too slow for me… i need a doorbell sound that is almost instant.

I was not aware of that. What is the average response time for pressing the doorbell to hearing the sound on the nest? And would this be quicker if you would go to a ESP32 mp3 speaker?

Sometimes 2 sec, sometimes 10 seconds, most of the times somewhere in between.

Sjeesh, that’s too long indeed. What would be the bottleneck. Is it Homey, wifi or the Nest? And would a ESP32 approach be quicker, since it’s leaner or would switching to zwave instead of wifi be quicker. Also can the LAN/Wifi be a bottleneck? We have a serious Unifi network instead of the basic modem/router of the ISP.