Advice for an mp3 doorbell?

I’m looking for an mp3 doorbell, to play mp3’s I can select/upload myself. Does anyone have experience with something like that? My requirements:

  • Protocol: preferrably zigbee, otherwise z-wave. 433 if everything else fails.
  • Speaker included, which I can hang somewhere centrally in the house.
  • Connect to Homey of course, so I can switch mp3’s and replace it with a blinking light when the toddler is asleep.

I already have a stand-alone doorbell button, but that doesn’t give me a speaker which is hearable through the entire house (the Homey speaker isn’t suitable for this and I don’t want to wire an external speaker for this purpose).


I meself use Sonos speakers for it.

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I can’t believe I missed those in my searches. It’s exactly what I am looking for. Thanks a bunch!


I can’t seem to find the protocol used in the information online (for example: How can I tell if it’s compatible with homey? I want to hook it up to some flows, so a stand-alone system is not preferrable.

Informatieblad 9 Reeks DC917NG
Frequentie / Draadloos bereik* 868MHz / 200m

Thanks for with me, people. So the protocol is 868 MHz and there is no app for the Livewell. That’s OK as long as I can still hook it up to my Homey. In theory that should work, as long as I can disconnect the doorbell from the base station. I don’t want the doorbell triggering the base station when I let it start a flow, I want Homey to be the man in the middle. It’s a bit pricey to go ahead and buy one on a gamble :).
Any experience with these kinds of devices? Are they pre-linked together, or do you need (or are able) to pair them yourself, in which case Homey might sneak in there.

I did look around at the app store, but couldn’t find an App for Homey using this Honeywell doorbell?
Did I look wrong?
I only did found Honeywell Evohome

There’s no app for this one, correct. But it uses a compatible protocol, so I figured that maybe (if the button just sends one signal), I can just hook them up to Homey anyway. I’m not willing to buy the doorbell without knowing for sure it’ll work though, so still nothing :).

But our moderator mentioned that he uses it with Sonos.
That sounds for me it is possible to connect to Homey.
Can anybody tell how to connect to Homey?

Not using an mp3 bell ofc. Now why we wanna have a bell when we have Sonos?
But TS asked for an Mp3 bell and the Honeywell is what I found. Sorry if I gave the intention that I used the bell in combination with Sonos!

Maybe a bit overdone, but it is not mentioned here, for playing mp3 sound files on Sonos devices, you need the app: Upload your own sounds (mp3 and wav are supported) to Homey, and play them from the Flow Editor!

No problem offcourse :sunglasses: :grinning:
But to start Sonos you still needs a bell (trigger) to start a flow
At this moment I use a very cheap Alecto ADB 15 doorbell (433Mhz), but this is not realy reliable.
A lot off times Homey is not triggerd when the button is pushed and I do need to reset the 433Mhz engine

Correct. Using the ACDB 7000 for that.

Maybe not total on topic but…
I do try to use my Sonos also as doorbell, using the next flow.
But the sound is still played at Homey not Sonos. What is wrong with my flow?

Very off topic indeed.
But with the latest Sonos beta app u can play files from soundboard (or from any other location) directly to a Sonos speaker of ur choise.
But plz let’s discuss this in the appropriate topic.


@Canedje You better use the Speakers cards in the DAN column:

Thanks again.
I will try tonight at home

Only possible with the latest Sonos beta app. See my post above.

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