How to get Homey to listen to my regular wired doorbell (Z-wave?)


Thanks for taking the time to read this. I’m trying to figure out how I can let a regular, wired doorbell fire to my homey when rang. I came across a nice page on a Dutch webshop (, but that one has too much wiring for my taste. The complexity and the amount of DIY is no problem, but the use of an external power supply for the switch has put me off (I’m a bit of a minimalist when it comes to wiring) So, I’m thinking about switching my 8v DIN transformer to a 12v DIN transformer, combined with a Fibaro Smart Implant to do away with the external power supply and relais in the above example, but I’m not a real electronics expert and found no examples online to confirm that’s a real possibility.

So, before I start tearing my electronics apart to try it anyway, any (other) idea’s for a simple, plain, regular doorbell that will fire any signal to my homey when rang? Appreciate your thoughts.

Hi I did this very thing, it worked perfect, I used a fibaro universal sensor and a relay and power supply.

I managed to get everything in the bell housing, I no longer need it and happy if you want to make me an offer

Cheap solution is to buy Aqara door sensor, take it apart, solder specific relay that suits to your current doorbell voltage to door sensor contacts and you are ready to go. Overall cost under 15USD.

@Igy Do you have a picture and a guide for that solution?


Nevermind got it working with this solution:

I did the same, but I buy electromagnet 3,v on AliExpress an door sensor Coolcam.

Sensor always open, someone ring it closed :smiley:
Excuse my French English

Cool! this way more wallet friendly than fibaro sensor. I got a spare aqara door sensor (MCCGQ11LM). Do you have the link to the soldering point ?

Thanks a bunch, definately trying this one!

Others thanks for replys as well.

here is the photo where to solder dry contact relay. This device in my case is used for power outage detection.