Traditional ringbell and notification on Homey? Is it possible?

I have a 8V powered traditional ring. The problem is that it is a little bit too quite. Is there an opition to attache something to the wires in order to create push notification in Homey so I’ll know even if I haven’t hear a sound?

Here is a thread with possible solutions, but only in German, sorry.

If you’re not afraid to tinker this could probably be achieved with an ESP32 or similar. They cost like $5 or so and can be programmed to do a whole range of things. Even logging door bell rings when you are not at home.

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Just put a vibration sensor on it. It works.

That’s what i have done too.
Works great!

Even on a so called bim-bam? I’ll try, thanks!

Yes. Those things are very sensitive. So tape it, or with a ty-wrap, or put it inside the housing :ok_hand:
And with an el-cheapo onvif capable cam, you have your own Ring doorbell.
IF vibration alarm
THEN cam-frontdoor take snapshot
AND Send push image (snapshot of that cam) to [userA) after 2 secs.

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Amazing. Will try with Aqara. Big thanks!

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You mean a vibration sensor right on the loudspeaker of the doorbell? Is the sound from the bell generating so much vibration for it to trigger actually? :thinking:

I think we’re talking about native mechical ringers and ding-dong things.
But I think it works, sticked to a speaker.

Not tested myself, but someone put a vibration sensor near the mechanical ringer and it works.

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This is mine.
And works perfectly


First try the vibration detector solutions above, much easier than my solution (wish I had that idea earlier).
But if that fails, maybe this is an alternative that always works, although it requires some DIY effort.

Use the door switch to activate a 2 switch relay (5V=) connected to an old 5V phone charger. Use one relay-switch to control the chime and the other to activate a magnetic door/window sensor from which you removed the reed-relais.