Friedland doorbell


I currently have a Friedland doorbell and try to connect this one via Homey to send me a push notification when someone rings the doorbell.

I managed to link the doorbell by using the Byron SX Deurbel app. But when someone rings the doorbell I don’t receive any notification. I ring the bell like 20 times and only 2 times I got a notification. Does anyone has a idea what the issue is?


Perhaps a range issue with 433 mhz? Does the doorbell ring when you put it next to Homey?

Yeah the doorbell rings. The homey is located 50 cm from the gong and 2 meter from the doorbell.

According to the readme of that app it is advised to connect the gong and the button to Homey separately. So when the button is pushed Homey will ring the gong depending on your configured flows. It sounds to me you’ve connected the button directly to the gong but also to Homey, is that correct?

That is correct. I tried to connect the gong but no succes.

Are your sure it is supported by the app? I don’t see it on the list.

I think the Homey doesn’t pick up the signal all the time. I connected the gong now instead of the button. Maybe this will make it better.

Thanks anyway!