Ezviz DB1 Doorbell

I’ve bought and installed a new camera doorbell, the Ezviz DB1.
The doorbell itself is really nice but I would like to connect it via Homey so I can use my existing doorbell from Klik aan Klik uit ACDB-7000BC.
But there’s no app for the device yet…of maybe it will never come?
Anyone have any experience with it?

Hi Maurice, i have the same doorbell… not sure yet how to integrate it… but is IFTT an option? They have some Ezviz applets i believe

Hi Daan, I’ve tried IFTTT but it doesn’t seem to work. You can use the Ezviz applet but you can’t set a trigger for pushing the doorbell.

Never mind, I’ve returned the DB1 because it stopped working.
Not good enough, not stable enough.

I was going to ask this question, mine just stops working after ~22 hours and needs a reset
It’s a shame because it’s a nice device with an RTSP stream

@Daan256 is yours functioning normally ?

Yes… i am quite happy with this device… maybe you need a software update? In the app you can update the firmware of the bell.

Can you let me know which software version you currently have?
I’ve purchased this thing december last year, it has never worked properly so itś been in a drawer for 9 months :-/

Is het iemand al gelukt om het drukken van de deurbelknop te koppelen aan de homey middels ifttt of rechtstreeks?

Is mij nog niet gelukt via de huidige software etc ga er nu een relay aankoppelen.
Tevens komt er een klikaanklikuit deurbel op,voor de vrouw zodat ze hem er handmatig uit kan pakken :smile: had al een dnd knop gemaakt maar was weer te lastig.