New Foscam VD1 doorbel now also working with Homey!

Foscam released a few weeks ago a video doorbel VD1.

They promised that this doorbel will be home automation compatible, but only after an firmware update.

Currently they updated the firmware and now this doorbell is fully Homey compatible.

The main features / difference with this product and others is that the doorbel does NOT need any subscription (but is available) and it has the ability to record on an SD and/or on your local NAS aswel!

There is an app (from the manufactor itself) in homey appstore to connect the doorbel (and other foscam camera’s) to Homey where you can add triggers (when doorbel pressed etc)

I have the bell a few weeks now and i must say it works really great, picture quality is excelent and the camera works fine with my synology NAS. (where it acts like a normal camera).

So if you are searching for a new doorbel please also look at the foscam VD1!

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How quick is the response of the doorbell? I.e. notifications through the Foscam (not Homey) app, and via the Homey integration?

Via Homey app instant, the communication between doorbel en homey is local traffic.

When you are outside and you receive message via fsocam app then it is also very quick, but this depends a lot of you 4G connection…

And yet the doorbell pressed and motion does not work. Snapshot works, though.

use local connection via the desktop VMS app, that worked for me.

Thanks for the fast answer, both Homey and Foscam are in the same network, what do you mean by use desktop VMS app?

OK, I’ve got the VMS app, but what that is got to do with the action “door bell pressed” not working?

see this post, here is it explained:

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Thanks mate! Some google translate, all works now. Cheers!