Doorbell suggestion

I currently have a Ring Doorbell and Blink camera system
The fact that my storage is free with Blink means that I’m reconsidering my Ring

So thought I’d field some help looking for:

  • Doorbell with video and two way audio (obvs)
  • free cloud storage. Doesn’t need to be loads 24hrs minimum
  • wired connection (don’t want to change batteries all the time) over doorbell wire to physical ring and power
  • (optional) ideally link to Alexa for doorbell announcement or at least some way to announce the doorbell

Anything out there?


Doorbird has all but Alexa.

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And I’d not come across that before so already worth the post!

Somewhat expensive tho!! (At least here in the UK!!)

Wuuk is a new option

Small issue there it’s still in the indiegogo which is somewhat well in the early development…

I think real alternative for doordird will be netatmo doorbell but it’s not yet on the market…

Wuuk looks good but would like some real world feedback. And seems it’s not out yet either (not that I’m in a mega rush

I am considering the new Eufy doorbel because data is stored locally so there is no monthly fee

Ooh, that looks really good.
I have a Eufy vacuum and been really please with it so if quality is the same I’m keen!

any support for Wuuk ? :thinking:

look at Tua

La Arlo video doorbell a l’air bien

Arlo is cool and now even ubiquiti has one. Unfortunately doorbird is still the best there is on the market and no one is even trying to get closer to that level. Supporting poe, ethernet connection, relays and so on. Even if there would be one that supports poe and ethernet only while keeping open api I think only than would it make closer to doorbird.


elle est prise en charge dans l’appli Arlo (non listée) ?