Connect with smart 'fixed phone'

Hi all, my mother in law is a happy Homey user. For instance, blinking the lights when the doorbell rang. Now she also likes to connect a ‘fixed phone’ (you known, those with a cord :slight_smile:) to Homey. For instance, blinking the lights when the phone rings (different way than doorbell of course :slight_smile:). Any of you have experience with such a setup? Do you know ‘smart’ fixed phones that can be connected to Homey? Thanks!

Hi Erik,
I don’t know if an electrician can make a device for this.
The way it works (i know) is a fritzbox router with. dect, a dect telephone. Than you have the possibility to get a signal when the telephone rings.
Greetings, Wilfred

Thanks Wilfred, that is a cool idea. In this case it would be easier to have a phone that can already do this automatically, like a fixed phone with Android or so. But as a backup solution it’s worth trying for sure, thanks!

You can try to create a situation as mentioned somewhere else in the forum to smarten a dumb doorbell.
That means that you put a relay between the two power lines from the fixed phone that triggers a door sensor or something like that whenever it rings.
But be careful, i believe there is some 40+ volts on the wires when it rings. So the electronics or relay has to be able to use that kind of voltage.

Found it. It’s in German, but the pictures should explain a lot.

Thanks for the suggestion Peter! I’ll be sure to try it out if I have some spare time.