Ideas for doorbell & gate integration (incl hardware)


I am looking for some smart ideas to build a new doorbell & gate system:

Current situation:

Together with my neighbors we have a pretty long driveway with a gate and bell at the beginning. At the moment this is connected to a broken portadial solution (with a on old-fashioned analog dialing function to answer and open the gate). Time to upgrade this, but am stuck on hardware / right solution

I am looking for a doorbell system that integrates with Homey and has at least a speaking function, camera is a pre and the ability to open the gate via your phone. There is a powersocket (220V) available at the gate, the driveway is about 300M and the portadial is connected via a RJ11 (phone) cable to the house. The gate is also opening on a 433MHZ signal (not sure if it’s a static or rolling code, but there is a physical button to open the gate on the control box). This needs to work for us, but also for the neighbors (I am still convincing them to buy Homey ;-).

Some thoughts:

Doing something on Wifi near the gate and mount an access point via an powerline ethernet adapter
Plugging in a Z-wave device on the powersocket to get signal around the gate (if Z-wave can bridge the ± 300m distance)
Use the remote (if no rolling code) to open the gate after ringing (need to check if the signal is strong enough to bridge the distance)
Giving my neighbors access to our Homey (with restricted access or something?)

What are your ideas on hardware & solution to get this done?

Thanks for your help!

Not Homey integrated, but highly recommended for opening the gate: I’m using a Portacon GSM Module, with a prepaid SIM. It’s a small module, easy to install into the gate’s central box (I have a Beninca, but any switch should work). Just dial the gate’s phone number (it won’t answer, so no cost) and it will open/close. Pre-registered phone numbers only, so it’s safe and from anywhere (great for deliveries when not at home!), very userfriendly and reliable. I like Homey, but something like this needs to be really stable - the GSM solution is.

I have remotes too, but don’t even have one in my car for example because I just make a phonecall to open it. Only thing is that you have to use the prepaid SIM every now and then otherwise the credit will expire and it won’t work anymore. You program it via SMS and you get return message, I just let it trigger an error message every 6 months or so to keep it active.

For the doorbell I’m using Arlo - works like a charm, but Homey integration is a pain (but personally I don’t have a real need for this).

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