Looking for a Z-wave siren and doorbell chime

Hi all,
I’m looking for a 230v wired powered doorbell chime and loud alarm siren, in one device. Unfortunately the Aeon Labs Siren 6 is not supported by Athom, and people who used it don’t seem too enthousiaster about it.

Does anyone has a good alternative? Looking forward to your replies.


Just to correct from my experience I guess it is supported, I wouldn’t have bought it otherwise.
It was part of the Aeotec devices and I installed it very smoothly. May be I am lucky then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But now it is not the strongest (112dB) but still it hurts the ears and works well !

Sorry just adjusting the specs which doesn’t change my appreciation
it is 105dB at 5 cm
And powered with 220 to 5V adaptor

I am looking for an outdoor siren on top at my side, any suggestion for Homey good integration ?

You have some outdoor wireless sirens, solar powered with battery or cable. POPP For instance z-wave. But you have a few good ones.

Hi, when you messaged me about the fact that the Siren 6 is supported by Athom, I bought it. Unfortunately the installation did’nt work, we tried another Homey and another Siren 6. That dit not work eather. There seems to be a fault in the software. Shame! I brought it back to the store…

Hi Depeej,
I am sorry to hear about this but I could guarantee there was no issue at my side installing the Siren 6 device with Aeotec Application. very strange outcome for you …
I am using it for multi purpose usages doorbell and Alarm at the same time and it is quite cool.
Any other Athom user experience ?

@Depeej it might be that there is a new batch of devices with new device ID’s which are not being recognized yet by the app. I’ve had that before with a Fibaro motion sensor, but we can’t be sure as the Athom developed apps are not available any more on Github…

@Arvlux, just wondering, if is it possible with the Siren to select which sound is played in a flow? Or would you do change the sound on device level?

You mean these github repositories?

Yeah but latest versions aren’t available any more afaik.
In the appstore the current version is: 2.1.1 vs 2.0.18 on github.

Any idea when the siren 6 will be working again in Homey?

Hi Paul,
Yes You could select the sound in the flow which is indeed much more flexible…
Illustration below


Thanks Olivier, this solar outdoor siren looks like a very nice and convenient option … :+1:

Hi! I’ve just tried to add a Doorbell 6 to my Homey, without success. Couple of times I managed to add it as a standard Zwave device, but no real success. Any idea?

I’ve just realised that doorbell and siren are not the same…

They actually are the same. Only difference is the doorbell button. Which is 433 MHz. We tried to include the siren 6 and the doorbell. Both not succeeded.

Being able to select which sound is played it awesome! I’m adding it to my wishlist for when it works again. :slight_smile:

@Depeej, I would suggest submitting a support request as the Aeotec app is developed/managed by Athom.

Done that, now the waiting begins :wink:

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I added a Siren 6, however was not able to add Doorbell 6. I’ll connect the ring button later.

Does it work on homey? Haven’t seen an update yet… the button is 433 MHz. Why would you like to connect that to Homey?