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Support for Devolo Siren?

I tried to pair with the predefined drivers/profiles from the Athom / Devolo page like Scene Switch, Home control keyfob, Motion sensor, Door Windows Conatc and Metering Plug with a successful paired message with “No compatible Homey App has been found for this device. It has been added as a Basic Z-Wave device” When I am triggering the switch from my Homey the Siren alert lights are blinking but the sound is not ON. I made a video to show you what is happening.

Video Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/46cp3vv0wlxllno/Devolo Siren.mov?dl=0

Is there any specific custom config to make this sirene work properly with Homey?


If you look at the app pages off the brand, you notice it isnt supported.

So then it wil be added as genearal z wave device, and then you can use on/off
Probely you need some constum settings to let the sound goes on.

So it needs be added in the app i gues

Thanks for the feedback and yes I added like general Z wave device but I can’t make the sound go on!


Anyone knows if there will be an update to the App, which also supports the siren?

Only the devolper knows, in this case athom self. So the bestis to contact them with your request