Looking for a simple doorbell!


I’m looking for a simple doorbell that can be connected to Homey pro…

What I want to be able to do is, adjust the volume in different scenarios with time and day.

Anyone know? :pray:

You can do something like this: Make a dumb doorbell smart with Shelly 1 - Share your Projects! - Home Assistant Community
And then you go further: Sonos or what you like.

I got the Aeotec doorbell 6. I love the simplicity of it.

You can have a look to Aeotec Siren 6 (zwave), there are also “classic” doorbell sounds available.
And the volume can be set via flows, also changing between the different sounds.

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Yeah looks nice! How much did you get it for? I only found for like $100… Then I can put $30 more and get one with a camera :smiley:

I paid 65 euro’s for it. And i (purposely) didn’t want one with a camera. Since our driveway is next the driveway of the neighbours, I would constantly film their driveway as well.

Sounds better! Did you get the “Button” with that price? Cause I can buy the Siren for 70 euros~. But I don’t know if the “Button/Doorbell” is included(?)

There’s 2 distinct products, the Siren 6 (just the chime, no button) and the Doorbell 6 (which is the Siren 6 with a button), both the boxes and names are different (if the webshop is decent enough you can tell the difference).

You can still buy buttons if you (accidently) bought the Siren 6 as those can be bought separately, there can be up to 3 buttons connected to a Siren 6.

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Yes, like @Caseda explains above. There are 2 products and I got the doorbell 6 (with button indeed)

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Cool, thanks alot! :smiley: