Button (event trigger?) (outdoor) needed

Hi all,

I want to replace my current wireless doorbell for another doorbell based on Zigbee or Z-wave protocol (maybe even Wifi).
Therefore i’m seeking for a outdoor button which can trigger my smart speaker or siren when the button is pressed.

But I can’t find any “outdoor” button, anyone knows one?
Please note, the button is always dry, as it’s going to be mounted under my carport.

I have NO options to mount a wired doorbell.

Anyone has a solution?


Aqara Zigbee pushbutton.

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I saw this one before, but I couldn’t find if this is also usable outdoors.
Are you sure this could be used outdoors?

As long it is mounted on a dry location, I think it’s no problem. I have a temperature/humidity sensor of the same construction, outdoor on my balcony, on a dry place, it always works for two years now. Only when it is cold, the battery last less long than indoors.

Thanks for your quick reply.
In that case I will order 1 to test if it will work in the setup I have in my mind. :smiley:

Order 3 at alixpress for 20,20 euro. Now hoping for a quick delivery :stuck_out_tongue:


I had order 1 at gearbest with quick shipping from EU warehouse.
Today it arrived and I can conform that the button can be used to trigger other devices. Such as the Aeotec Doorbell 6.

Now I need to find out (or better, find a update/developer) which could help to adjust the volume and also to use more “bells” as the Homey only supports 6 and the Aeotec has more than 10.