Homey Speaking on Smart Speaker

I just bought a Homey Pro, so I am very new to this; I would therefore appreciate your patience as I learn (I did search the forum for previous posts but did not find anything addressing my question here).

I have a Harman Kardon Citation One Duo speaker set that works with my Google Home Assistant. I installed the Rain Radar app on Homey to warn me of impending rain so I can make sure the kids stay dry before they go out to play. When I test the flow with Rain Radar Homey’s internal speaker announces the message about rain coming soon. However, Homey will be installed somewhere central in the house to make sure other device connections to Homey works well and I do not expect that we would necessarily hear the message about rain from Homey’s internal speaker. Is there a way to have the message play over an external speaker in the house, e.g. the Harman Kardon Citation One that I have? Is there a more suitable speaker to use for this if not the HK that does not break the bank? The Sonos speakers appears to have some questionable reviews lately, the IKEA option appears to be limited in functionality, and I do not see the point in spending €580 for a single speaker for this purpose like the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay M5 Black. So the Harman Kardon Citation One Duo pack at $250 seems to be a good middle ground; I just need to figure out if I can get Homey to come out of its shell a bit and broadcast to another speaker in the house?

Thanks for any advice!

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Take a look at the Google TTS app.

Also Soundboard app can play uploaded mp3 to smart speakers (in my case Sonos).

To a (very small amount of ) selected devices that is with the newest Sonos app

Thank you; this appears to be what I am looking for. However, when I create a flow and test it nothing happens on the speakers. The test shows green check marks on the Homey app screen, but no voice. I have both my Harman Kardon Citation One speakers connected and they both work very well with Google Home Assistant. Just can’t seem to give Homey a voice through them. Any ideas?

Aaaaand…of course just as I post a reply I get a brilliant idea ti reinstall the Google TTS app and test it again after a fresh install…aaaaand now it works! Thanks! This is exactly what I need.

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Glad to hear that!

Got Citation One Working On my Homey Pro. Connection through Chromecast app. Works good