Speaker help

Hello all happy people :wink:

I would need help with suggestions for speakers for my Homey Bridge.

I just need a simple and cheap speaker that I can connect to homey. It should only play a little radio at low volume when we are not at home for the cat, and possibly play a message from homey flow. I know that Sonos speakers work, and then probably IKEA ones too. But are there any other manufacturers or models?

Thanks in advance! :grinning:
// Per

I’ve had a note from Amazon to say its next sale is 20-25th March. It usually offers its devices really cheap during sales so you could pick up a Dot (especially the old type) for really low cost. The Amazon Alexa plugin allows Homey flows to speak phrases through the dot, or play music, or β€˜tune’ to a radio station; flows can also change volume - in fact they can do anything an Amazon device can do.


Edit: Oops, I don’t think the bridge supports community apps - shame.