Voice selection on Homey Pro 2023

Hi, I have a question.

The new homey pro 2023 doesn’t have a build in speaker. That’s no problem for me because I have Sonos speaker all around the house.

The problem is that the male voice in Homey sounds like the treble is at 0 and the bass is at 100. That makes it difficult to clearly hear what message is.

If I recall correctly the old homey had the option to choose between a male and female voice as where the female voice had a higher pitch.

Does anyone have a solution for this.

Thanks in advance!

The Voice of Homey Pro (2016-2019) is only for Homey internal. You need to look in the direction of your Speech processor.

Depending on the TTS you use you may have options, or not…

Thanks for the quick reply. I guess the Sonos is limited in the speech function.